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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Alien Apocalypse 1

The Mass Effect series is, so far, the only body of video game fiction worthy to join the heavies in film, television and literature like Star Wars, Lost and Harry Potter. The rich universe of characters, locations, conflicts, phenomena and funny names created by Canadian developer BioWare not only stirs a rabid fanbase but also mines a vein of franchise dollars on a scale unseen before in role-playing games. All tales must end, and Mass Effect 3 concludes the trilogy just like those aforementio...

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With The Beatles Again 1

“By reinterpreting an essential symbol of one generation in the medium and technology of another, The Beatles: Rock Band provides a transformative entertainment experience. In that sense it may be the most important video game yet made.” Seth Schiesel, the New York Times video game critic, declared this upon the release of The Beatles: Rock Band on September 9, 2009. In the field of journalism, this type of statement is viewed as hyperbole. And it is. However, Schiesel makes a somewhat valid...

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It doesn't get better than this. 1

Here it is, the best DLC for the game then and still to this day. It may eventually be bested but for now Moving Pictures is the king of album downloadable content.  All the instruments are a blast to play, with Geddy Lee's signature vocals and basslines even more fun to play than listen to. Alex Lifeson is a great guitar player to base these tracks off of and, of course, Neil Peart's legendary drumming provides some of the most entertaining and challenging drum charts in the game.   The standou...

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Not a revolution, but a perfection in survival horror. 2

Distress call from a mining ship in the deep recesses of space. Everything goes haywire upon arriving. Silent protagonist. The opening moments....With these clichés, Dead Space seems to be on the track of mediocrity and will be summarily forgotten, right? Well, thankfully, no, because Dead Space does enough on its own part for it to be set apart from almost every game of 2008 as one of the best games of the year, horror or not. Playing as Isaac Clarke, a silent engineer, the player will traverse...

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A flawed gem. 0

Killzone had enormous amounts of hype attached to it before it was released in 2004.  It was claimed to be a "Halo-killer" and it would be a saving grace for the FPS genre on the PS2.  What it ended up being was a big disappointment.  However, it is unfair to say that Killzone failed.  It didn't fail by any means; it was just flawed.  The way I look at this game to this day is as a flawed gem.What most PS2 owners will notice first about Killzone is how nice it looks.  Actually, the graphics are ...

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A simple, excellent sim game. 1

I have owned this game for many years, and I have logged so many hours into this game that I can't remember the first time I played it. The game may seem simple to some, but if you truly "get it" when you play it, you will agree with me that this is the best sim game ever. There is a sense of wonder while you are playing this that this game is special. When you are building a park from scratch (which doesn't take long; it is streamlined and very intuitive) you feel amazed when you first see dins...

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An astonishing package all around. 0

Having won numerous awards at E3 and being surrounded by hype, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare already seemed like it would be one of the games of the year. Now that it is finally out, it has lived up to all of its expectations and then some. I have played Call of Duty 1, United Offensive, Finest Hour, Big Red One, COD2 and COD3, but this game is by far the best yet in the series. First off, the graphics and sound take this series to a once-thought unreachable level. The framerate never drops and...

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Brilliant, astonishing, just plain amazing! 0

Wow. Once in a while, there will be this one game that is so astonishing that you feel lucky just being to play it. Since Resident Evil 4 debuted on Gamecube two years ago, there has not been one game that I feel has matched it. No I am wrong. BioShock is not only the game of the year, but one of the best games ever. BioShock will be talked about for years to come and anyone that owns an Xbox 360 or decent PC should buy it without a question. Immersion is not always the most successful element t...

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It's short, but it is fun. 0

This game is not perfect. It is short, sometimes very repetitive, and the multiplayer is not that good. But it IS fun. Through the approximate six to eight hours you can stretch this game out to, you will have a blast. Featuring a great opening level, players will be immersed in the game very quickly, but after awhile, they will realize that it is all more of the same. Sometimes repetition can be good, however, and the gameplay in general is very tight. Controls are wonderful, and very easy to p...

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A big disappointment in such a fine series... 2

I loved this game. Emphasis on the past tense. When this game released about 17 months ago, I played it until I beat it and then some. Wow, World War II is fun! Now, nearly 17 months later, I picked it up again and realized, hey, this game is not what I remember it to be. Perhaps I am spoiled by the nirvana that is Call of Duty 4, but Call of Duty 3, even without the comparison, is merely average. First off, the story is really bad. And I mean really bad. Many times people don't care about the s...

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Doesn't do the license justice... 1

I really wanted to like this game; I did. Despite reading rather sub-par reviews, I decided to land $50 on this game and I felt disappointed with my purchase. This will appeal to Potter fans (like me), but not really anyone else. On the positive side, Hogwarts is rendered beautifully, even for the Wii, and it is all explorable. Unfortunately, this is why the game fails as well. The NPCs task you to run around the whole school dozens of time throughout the course of the game finding stupid items ...

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Close to perfection. 0

The Tom Clancy series has always been known for their realistic, tactical approach to the shooter genre, and the Rainbow Six series in particular has been Tom Clancy's longest running franchise as well as, arguably, their most popular. Rainbow Six Vegas carries out this tradition, but re-hauls the series in almost every way. One way notice first about Vegas is its new cover system. On my opinion, this system is superior to Gears' system in about every way. All the player has to do to get behind ...

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An action-packed, violent, and tight shooter package. 0

The Darkness is one of those games that no one expects to be THAT good, but I was very suprised when I played it. The game as a whole is very cohesive and well-done, I am suprised by the quality of such a game. The story is you are a member of a modern mafia who gets these "darkness" powers on your 21st birthday. A lot of stuff evolves from there, and the story can be very violent and just sick at times. If you have heard about the "break-up" between your girlfriend in the game and you, you know...

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Lego Indiana Jones is the best Lego game yet. 0

I came in with low expectations for Lego Indiana Jones. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised, as this game is fun that anybody, no matter what age, can enjoy.The clean, cute look of the Lego Star Wars games is here, albeit with less sci-fi and more adventure. The environments are all either recreated or influenced by a scene in the original trilogy of Indiana Jones movies. Either way, they are a lot of fun to navigate around in and players can discern specific movie references here and there. ...

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A solid entry in the Guitar Hero franchise. 1

Let me ask you a question:  Do you love Guitar Hero, and do you love Aerosmith?  If you said yes, congratulations! You can enjoy Guitar Hero:  Aerosmith!I, for one, love both of those so this seems a natural fit for my tastes.  And what a solid, safe game it is.  This entry features over 40 songs and about 25 Aerosmith master tracks.  The tracks themselves are all solid but there are a few omissions that are very unwelcome.  There is no "Cryin'", "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)", or "Eat The Rich."  T...

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