I'm not seeing the Zelda-ish-ness of Darksiders

So I bought Darksiders during the Steam sales because everyone said it was like a dark Zelda and I am a Zelda fan. I'm 2 or 3 hours in now and I have to admit, I'm not seeing how it's like Zelda in any way except that he's carrying a sword.... 
I've been playing Zelda games since the first one was new, I know my Zelda and as far as I can tell this ain't it. I keep waiting for it to become like Zelda, but so far it's God of War; button mashing, traversal, attack combos and weapon upgrades. It may be that my expectations aren't being met, but I can't help feeling a bit let-down by Darksiders, it doesn't remind me of Zelda at all. It could also be that I just finished a few God of War style games recently and I was ready for some Zelda action.
Am I missing something or does anyone else feel the same way?


Steam sales of 2010 - final damage

Ok, the Steam sales of 2010 have finally come to an end and here is the list of shit i clicked on: 

So between playing through these and keeping up with 2011's releases, I might be caught up in time for the Steam sales next year =)
How about everyone else, were the Steam sales good to you and how far behind are you now?

Clicking the LS to walk is BS!

K, I'm annoyed, so I'm gonna write about it  =) 
A lot of games seem to do this lately and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is one of them....and yep, it still sucks! 
You know how, when you're playing an action game and things are getting crazy, there's a lot of enemies closing in and you need to GTFO fast?  Then, when things are at their most tense, your hands clench down on the controller and then....suddenly you dude is slow walking as if he's admiring the flowers and rainbows in a lovely field somewhere, not a care in the world
Seriously, why map the walk button of all buttons to L3?  That's generally the stick you use to move your guy around, it's easy to accidentally click it when things get hectic and super frustrating when your guy starts moving all slow when all you really want is for him to move as fast as possible. 
It's the same in way too many games these days too, I'm picking on Castlevania because that's the game I played last night.  In this case though, it's not the walk button, it's the button that makes you stop completely for a second to collect any nearby orbs, but same diff, my dude stopped moving and meditated for a minute in the middle of a crazy fight.
Dev's should know better by now!  It sucks!  Don't put the walk button on a button that can be easily clicked on accident, it's really god damn annoying. If there's a list of trump rules that should never be broken by game designers out there somewhere, this one should be on it
that is all


Samus IS the other M - conspiracy blog

So on the eve of the release of Metroid: Other M I'm going to throw my guess out there that Samus IS the other M.  I watched the video again of that re-done cut scene where the (giant) baby metroid gets exploded and Samus appears to absorb some of the sparkly metroid stuff that floats down after the mother brain blows it to bits. 
Thoughts anyone?


Serious question about the story in Dead Space

Alright serious question now, it just occurred to me last night.  I'll give a little backstory of where I'm coming from, if it's a spoiler plz don't ruin it for me, I'm just curious about something.  I just started playing Dead Space like 2 days ago and I'm trying to get caught up on the whole thing before Dead Space 2 hits.  I have watched the prequel comics and Downfall, loving the story so far but I have one question.... 
Possible spoilers here so don't read any more if you haven't played it yet 
So it seems to me that the marker was put in place on that planet by someone who had found a way to contain the Necromorphs since they can't get too close to the marker as seen in Downfall when the lady scrambled over by it and non of the necromorphs could enter a certain radius around the thing.  I also noticed that the marker has, well, markings all over it, like writing and symbols. 
I also noticed that as the crew of the Ishimura started losing their minds, some of them scribbles those same markings that are on the marker all over the walls of whatever room they were in, and usually in blood. 
So, whatever the marker is, it appears to be possessing the minds of anyone nearby causing them to freak out in various, violent ways.  This is where I'm confused.  The marker seems to be affecting people's minds and driving them crazy, but at the same time, and usually right before they die or go on a killing spree, the affected people are also mumbling about how they want our bodies.  "They" being the necromorphs
So, am I wrong about the marker being placed there by another race or whatever?  A simple yes or no will do  =) 
Because now it seems like both the marker and the necromorphs are out to get us and that there's a connection somehow, but I was under the impression that the marker was not a friend of the necromorphs.... 
Can anyone give me a clue about wth is going on without spoiling things too much?  Or will all be told in due time?


Dead Space questions....questions that need answers

ok, assume i am a Dead Space n00b (because i am), i haven't played any of it, i'd like to play all of it and i have a pile of questions.... 
first let me list them: 
Dead Space 
Dead Space 2 
Dead Space Extraction 
Dead Space Ignition 
Dead Space Downfall
let me see if i have my facts straight first.... 
Extraction is a prequel to the original and was a Wii exclusive but can now be had on the PS3, right? 
Ignition is a prequel to, uh, the sequel that hasn't been released yet, right? 
and Downfall is, wait, what the hell is Downfall? 
and what about save file continuity?  is it safe to say that the PS3 is the only system on which you can get each of these?  and does it matter?  do the saves carry over from one game to the next?  in that most recent video, the smiley producer guy said something about getting Isaac all jacked up and ready, does that imply that progress made in Ignition will carry over into Dead Space 2?  and what about my platform of choice, the PC? 
basically i'd like to play every bit of it, but i'm not sure which order to play/watch all of this

i'm so confused


Dragon Age: Origins - more fun the second time?

so i finally clicked on Dragon Age again and i have to admit, i've been avoiding it since shortly after it launched.  i never did finish it the first time and, even tho my dude is wearing a really stupid looking hat, i'm really enjoying it a lot more than i did the first go-round.  it's kind of a daunting game to me, it's so huge and such a long game, i'd been hesitant to click on it for the longest time.  having just finished up inFamous, i finally sucked it up and clicked on it the other day and immediately remember that i had apparently lost my mind when i installed windows 7 a while back and just clean wiped everything the moment i brought it home without backing anything up.  Lost about 30 hours in Dragon Age and 60-some in Borderlands haha.  oh well tho, they're still fun the 2nd (and 3rd) times
the first night i clicked on it i actually couldn't play because i had to wait for the 15 gig download (oh yeah that), played it the next night and clicked on it again the night after that only to find that they released an 800 meg patch, which is a good thing, but again i had to wait
so after this that and the other, i finally got a few good sit-downs with it from scratch and i have to say, i'm really enjoying it much more thoroughly this time.  it's a serious undertaking either way, but i'm thinking i was hurried the first time because some other game (or 4) was about to come out and i didn't think i had the time to spend on such a huge game 
long story short, i do have the time now and i'm really glad i clicked on it again, i'm going in head-first and i'm taking my time and exploring every nook....playing the way i really prefer to play games in general and giving this game the sporting chance that it deserves.  i went with a mage and i put it on easy (which is something i rarely do) cuz i figure it's already long enough without having to re-do areas and enemies over and over, and i really don't need the headaches, i just wanna experience the game and have fun with it.  plus there's no friendly fire on easy so i can fire off whatever spell i want with impunity  =)
in the grand scheme of things i'm really not that far into it, but i'm already looking at Awakening with an i'm-probably-going-to-buy-it eye.  i'm so impressed actually that i'm probably going to scoop up the rest of the DLC too so i can play all things Dragon Age.  really having a lot of fun with the mage so far, does anyone know if i can use my same dude in Awakening?  and since we're on the topic of importing saves, what about Dragon Age 2?  any cross-game saves like Mass Effect going on there?  or are they totally different time periods/characters etc?

which games are you gonna try to beat before the next wave hits?

so, we seem to have a little summer lull in game releases here, which games are you gonna try to knock out before the next wave of releases hits?
next up on my must-get list is Starcraft II, then Metroid and Civ after that 
i'm gonna try to finish my S-ranks in HL2 and episode 1 and also go back and finish the last island in inFamous if i have time....and that's not even counting the madness i amassed during the steam sales

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