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  • Steam Store Thank you for your purchase - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Standard Edition 7.49 USD

  • Just bought this and the Operation Arrowhead expansion so I could check out a zombie apocalypse survival mod called DayZ which pushed Arma II to the number 1 seller on Steam yesterday. I'm goin' in

  • k, so someone suggested i resist my natural PC gamer urge of dropping my hand down on wasd and just play it mouse-only, so i tried it and i have to say, it is way less annoying that way! haha, i'll get back to it eventually

  • part of the Humble THQ Bundle

  • i'm at dungeon level 40-something and descending with my badass two-fisted axe hammer warrior guy and a cat companion that can summon zombies....i'll finish it eventually

  • thoroughly enjoying Terraria so far. i enjoy the resource gathering and the crafting..tree, i guess you'd call it, and building things and in this case literally shaping the world around you. had it for about 24 hours as of this writing and i get the feeling i've still barely scratched the surface

  • i wanted to like it more than my friends did. the design is good and it did remind me of counter-strike as far as thinking about moving through an area

  • Loved it! A solid shooter on an absolutely gorgeous island. I did not expect to find crafting in a Far Cry game and I loved that it was immediately rewarding to do so. I needed a bigger wallet so I could buy that new gun I was eyeballing and it just so happened that skinning two wild boars or leopards or sharks or whatever was the way to achieve that. Crafting paved the way to better weapons, more ammo, bigger pouches, I think I did more crafting in Far Cry 3 than I have any game ever and I loved every minute of it because they did a great job incentivizing.

    I did EVERYTHING on the first island, climbed every tower, lit up the whole map and did every side mission. I was immediately motivated to capture all of the outposts I came across because doing so eliminates the enemy presence in that area and it was just in my best interest, I was no longer in enemy territory.

    But it seemed like the story could've ended after killing Vaas. I didn't have the active dislike for Vaas' boss the way I did for Vaas himself. And the first thing you do upon reaching the 2nd island is get an enemy uniform and are therefore automatically not in "enemy territory" the entire rest of the game, they don't attack on sight unless they see you killing some of their guys....that removed my motivation for clearing the outposts. The missions were ok but they seemed less personal, I didn't explore the 2nd island nearly the way I did on the first island.

    Overall I loved it, but it kind of lost momentum for me in the last third or so of the game and I just went after the story missions from that point on until I beat it.

  • Snagged this and all the DLC for 50% off on a steam sale

  • loved it for what it was

  • complicated! probly never beat it

  • Another victim of a Steam sale! Also, this is my 100th PC game =D

  • steam sales

  • enjoying every minute of it so far, loving the campaign, tried coop and multi last night and had a blast with both

  • Loved it, a really excellent strategy game with a kickass 3rd-person twist

  • my friend gifted this to me because i had it on my steam wishlist and he saw it on sale, thanks Nathan!!

  • picked it up on the first-week sale for $4.49

  • i kinda wanted it before, steam sale was enough to get me to click. $5 i'll give it a whirl and let my kids play with it

  • first game in 15 years to give me a proper case of Nintendo thumb. everyone should play this game (with a controller)

  • love it, the coop was fantastic too

  • loved it

  • Honestly I wasn't as impressed with Antichamber as I thought I would be, the utter randomness to some of the solutions puts it in the same boat as The Secret of Monkey Island in my book, while the production values are obvious, removing logic from some of the solutions undermines skill and in my opinion that's a fail

  • you

  • finally picked this bad boy up on steam sale, Complete mod here i come! (again!) seriously, if you have played or plan to play any of the Stalker games, look into the Complete series of mods, they're made by the community and jack up the graphics a good bit as well as fix many of the myriad bugs that shipped with these otherwise wonderful games. having played Shadow of Chernobyl with and without the Complete mod, i wouldn't play it any other way now

  • I bought the Humble Bundle 4 for Android and it came with Steam codes for most of them

  • I bought the Humble Bundle 4 for Android and it came with Steam codes for most of them

  • I bought the Humble Bundle 4 for Android and it came with Steam codes for most of them

  • I bought the Humble Bundle 4 for Android and it came with Steam codes for most of them

  • I bought the Humble Bundle 4 for Android and it came with Steam codes for most of them

  • I bought the Humble Bundle 4 for Android and it came with Steam codes for most of them

  • I bought the Humble Bundle 4 for Android and it came with Steam codes for most of them

  • I bought the Humble Bundle 4 for Android and it came with Steam codes for most of them

  • Mark of the Ninja was amazing, a solid package and a nice presentation all around. I am a fan of consistent design and they introduce new moves and new enemies perfectly. I knew exactly what my skill set was the entire time and it has super tight ninja controls. Indications and visual cues were expertly done, I never wondered where I was going to land or what action I was going to perform. It was really a joy to play and I was grinning at least 88% of the time haha. Slick animations, exploration is rewarded, it has a nice skill tree. The story and the cut scenes never failed to entertain, well done Klei

  • it had its moments, but overall it was kind of a let-down honestly, borderline false advertising

  • I picked it up in the Humble THQ Bundle.

    It was pretty good, I kind of knew what to expect going in and I'm glad I played it. Some minor inconsistencies annoyed me a little bit, but not enough to ruin the experience. Like they'd teach you which doors open and which don't, or which valves you can turn and which ones you can't and then in the next area they didn't work at all. Also, I thought all water was radiated until almost the very end where you follow some of your comrades through a watery area, so I spent the majority of the game avoiding water like the plague for no reason haha. Also got a bit lost a couple times and it took me a minute to figure out which way I needed to go. They could stand to guide and indicate a little better at times.

    I loved the pacing though, it just rolls you right through and it has a good flow. I liked the increasingly heavy breathing while wearing your gas mask and the fading flashlight that you had to pump to brighten back up, the fact that fiddling with either of these things requires putting your weapon away momentarily really added to the tension. The story was good and I had fun with it, can't wait for Last Light.

  • I thought the atmosphere was great and they did an amazing job on the environments, all of them really came to life and felt convincingly lived-in. The citizens (and animals) didn't seem at all like bots following waypoints around and I consider that a win that most games don't achieve.

    I was never motivated to dig into the crafting too much, but it seemed thorough as hell if you wanted to. I liked that each assassin you recruit is a fairly fleshed-out character this time around and you actually get to know them a little bit before they join, and they each have a good reason for wanting to join you.

    It took its time laying the ground work of the story and I was going on 10 hours in before I felt it really started opening up to me. I thought it was a little cut scene/story heavy and I got a little lost on the story stuff towards the end, but overall I enjoyed it.

  • part of the Humble THQ Bundle, but I didn't install this one and I probly won't

  • part of the Humble THQ Bundle. I did play this one briefly when it was new and all I remember is laughing when I heard a guy shout "Take that kraut fuckers!!!!" haha

  • part of the Humble THQ Bundle

  • part of the Humble THQ Bundle

  • steam sales!! here we go again

  • steam sale, got both games and the DLC for $20

  • loved it

  • i can't stop playing this, when i get home it's the only icon i wanna click on. really enjoying it and i can't wait to see what a double slice of valve pie does for it, really looking forward to DotA 2 now

  • Grabbed this and all the DLC on a 50% off one-day Steam sale, can't wait to dig into it

  • signed up for a month and it was fun the first 2 or 3 nights, but i think i'm all eve'd out. not that it's a bad game, it's very thorough and involved, probably THE most complicated game i've ever played actually and that's not a bad thing. i appreciate the game for what it is, but it's a time-sink and my backlog is long....

  • steam sale! can't pass it up for $2.49, i wanted to check it out anyway

  • i bought it because i follow the (very) beautiful woman that made it on twitter and i'm all about supporting the indies and my kids are loving it so far

  • Starcraft 2 had the best campaign of any RTS i've ever played, loved it, can't wait for the expansions. Playing it online tho....not so much, i won a few i lost a few and it was enjoyable, exciting even, but i'm not super-dedicated

  • scratch another one off my someday list, thanks steam sales!

  • this one complicated me out in less than 10 mins, i don't see myself playing it again

  • wait, what was this one again? i think it was free on steam. entertaining....briefly

  • beat the campaign and Dark Matter mode. very pretty and enjoyable, it's a lean back in your chair, one hand on the mouse kind of game. one dominant strategy of just building more fighters and no defenders kinda breaks it, but i still enjoyed it. wish it had multiplayer

  • loved it, played the shit out of BF2

  • played black & white quite a bit actually

  • generals was one of the greatest RTS's i'd ever played at the time, then they released zero hour

  • love me some zero hour

  • played it. enjoyed it. beat it. did NOT blow up megaton. not a fan of VATS dice-roll style shooting, i'd rather aim myself

  • never finished it, one glitched mission and way too much sprawl, i'll probably never play it again

  • loved it

  • my favorite of all the GTA's to date, if anything deserves an HD remake....it's Vice City, shit was awesome

  • i enjoyed guild wars and it was my first MMO, played quite a bit of it, i don't know that i ever maxed a character, but i played a few different ones for quite a while

  • loved it, after seeing this game for the first time when it was new i set about learning how to upgrade/build PC's just so i could play it. it literally launched my career and i still fix PC's to this day, thanks Valve! =)

  • fuckin' loved it, very possibly my favorite game of all time if i had to pick one

  • loved it, first game i ever completed achievement-wise

  • Loved it, everyone should play it

  • steam sale

  • i never really played TF2 all that much....some, but not like super into it

  • yeah it was more like a tech demo, i played it once....briefly

  • played the shit out of this one too

  • fuckin' loved these game

  • loved it

  • I've logged more hours in CS than any other game ever, at least nine times over. I couldn't not get the new one and it turns out it's still fun!

  • got it on 360 and loved it so much i bought on Steam too so i can have my save carry over on PC