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Game Dev Story 0

I love (almost!) everything about this game.  I have a pile of AAA titles on every platform in my backlog right now, and all I've wanted to do, since the second I bought it, is play Game Dev Story on my iPhone. At its heart it's a Simulation RPG that has you managing a game development studio and it starts you off with 2 employees and enough capital to get your first project going.  Your task is to manage your team through developing as many hit games as you can, or you can choose to do some con...

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Metroid: Other M 0

I've been a Metroid fan since the beginning and this franchise holds some of my greatest gaming memories of all time.  I can still remember how utterly amazed I was with the original Metroid on the NES.  I was the perfect age, 9 or so I think, when it came out and I remember being fascinated with the huge unexplored world, and trying to remember where I saw that super missile door after I finally got the super missiles.   We loved the green room. And I came to love t...

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BioDefense 0

Part RTS, part tower defense, part zombie apocalypse.  Never played anything quite like it but I do like the gameplay, it forces you to expand while fighting off wave after wave of a variety of increasingly difficult zombies.  The controls are perfect for touchscreen.  The main game type is basically horde mode and has you surviving as long as you can.  It is somewhat limited though as there is a finite amount of resources you can collect but it has a good variety of challenges that keep me comi...

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