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Hard News on ScrewAttack.com is awesome and I highly encourage everyone to partake in the awesomeness.  New episodes are up everyday except on the weekends and it will truly keep you at peace knowing that Destin is giving you the hard honest truth about the news.  So again that's ScrewAttack.com for all your Hard News goodness.  Oh and those who think other wise, flesh eating gnomes will get you at night while you sleep.  Keep up the good work Destin.


Work, 3 day weekend and life in general.

Well Its been a min since I've wrote a blog or even been on Giant Bomb, since my computer decided to take a shit on me.  But I'm back and I am very happy to be back within the community.  A lot of things have gone on since then, a new job, a new car and a new sense of accomplishment.  For starters I got a new job and enjoy it very much.  The one I had before it was just full of drama and that drama was about to get me in jail.  So I took the steps to place myself some where else away from the crossfire and into a place with a lot less drama.  Last week I got a new car and enjoying the 4 doors, I say this cause my other car has 2 doors and its hard to get a baby/toddler car seat in and out of it.  Other then this not much else has been going on.  Just enjoying my 3 day weekend and make the best of what I got at the moment.  I was very fortunate to find a job with really good pay and able to find a really good car that is in good condition.


Sony press conference, just finished watching it.

Yea Sony had a shitty presentation and the price for the Sony Move is just outrageous.  I honestly feel that Sony stole the idea from Nintendo and they could have came up with something much better.  Microsoft blew Sony out of the water and Nintendo blew Microsoft out of the water.  But honestly, only one thing comes to mind after this presentation.
FUCK YOU SONY!!!  Well I think I know where my fan boy flag rises too. Microsoft and I'll raise a partial flag for Nintendo. 


Nintendo live press conference, just got done watch it.

So I just got done watching the Nintendo live press conference and all I have to say is WOW.  Nintendo kicked Microsoft in the balls with there press conference.  I was really surprised with all the titles coming out for Nintendo.
Donkey Kong Country
Kid Icurus
and others that just blew me alway.
The one that really stood out for me was the Nintendo 3DS and that is surely something I will be picking up.


Microsoft press conference, just finished watching it.

So I just got done watching the Microsoft press conference and it really got me excited about the new things coming out for the 360.  The two major things that stood out for me was the new Kinect and the new Xbox slim.  I'll definitely be getting both of those.  All the new titles coming out this year have gotten me very excited and it was nice to see a large verity of games coming out.  I can't wait to see the Sony and Nintendo conference.


GameStop is just like Walmart

So last night I found out that my Red Dead Redemption game doesn't work now.  The game loads up like its suppose to, but then goes black and decides not to go to the start menu.  I take a close look at the game and find that there is a circle and a slight scratch on the bottom of the disc.  I call the GameStop that I got the game at and explain my issue.  They proceed to tell me that I have to have the receipt with the warrenty on it.  Well I don't think I got the warrenty with it, but with a game that is under 30 days old and the fact that I still have the receipt to prove I got it under 30 days is bullshit.  I don't want my money back, all I want is to exchange the game for the same one.  After debating with the lady on the phone, I ask to speak to her manager and she refuses to let me speak to him.  She tells me that he is busy and that the policies can't be changed.  I hang up the phone and look on the back of my receipt and see that is "Opened new merchandise may be exchanged for the identical item within 30 days of purchase.", after looking at this I decide to call the corperate headquarters of GameStop and talk to them about this.  They tell me that they have the right to refuse it and I would have to call the district manager and see if he can overturn it.  All because my xbox may or may not have done this to the game.  The whole issue in my opinion is complete bullshit, I would understand if I would want my money back, but I don't.  Well in the end, if I don't get my game, I'll just stop doing business with them and putting an article in the paper about how they cheat people out of there money.


RDR no more.

Well my RDR game broke down tonight.  I was playing it and then had to leave for a bit.  I come home and decide to continue where I left off, so I put my game in my xbox, turn it on, it loads, then goes blank.  It won't go to the start menu.  So I go to my dashboard and reload the game again.  Again it goes blank and I'm not sure what is going on.  It continues to do this after several attempts.  So my question is:  Is my game done for?  Should I just go back to gamestop and return it for another one?  Or should I just wait and see what happens?


A list of animals and locations in Red Dead Redemption.


You need to kill the following animals, domesticated animals do not count for the trophy, neither do bats.

* Armadillo: You can find these in the Frontier and in Mexico.
* Bears: You can find these in the Tall Trees area in the North.
* Beavers: These are in the Tall Trees area in the North.
* Bighorn: You can find this in the mountains in the Frontier and Mexico, and in abundance in the Tall Trees area of the North.
* Boars: You can find these in Pike's Basin and the Tall Trees area.
* Bobcats: You can find these in Mexico and the Tall Trees area.
* Buffalo: As you first enter the Great Plains from Thieves' Landing.
* Cougars: In the mountains and hills on the Frontier and Mexico.
* Coyote: On the Frontier and Mexico, listen for their whiny howls.
* Crows: All three areas, listen for their caws.
* Deer: All three areas
* Ducks: On the Great Plains near the edges where the water meets the land.
* Eagles: Tall Trees and Nikoti Rock areas of the North.
* Elk: Tall Trees area.
* Foxes: Near Riley's Charge on the Frontier and in the Tall Trees area in the North.
* Hawks: The Frontier and Mexico.
* Wild Horses: Any horse roaming any map that does not have a saddle on its back.
* Owls: All three maps, only at night.
* Rabbits: All three maps.
* Raccoons: All three maps.
* Seagulls: Blackwater near the water.
* Skunks: Around MacFarlane Ranch on the Frontier.
* Snakes: All three maps, listen for snake hissing or rattling while you are riding then check around on the ground.
* Songbirds: Near the towns on all three maps.
* Vultures: All three maps, usually near death.
* Wolves: All three maps, but in abundance in Mexico and the Tall Trees area.  
I'm sure there are people who posted this, but I'm putting it in my blog and just stating for the record that the pictures of the animals on the map in the game suck.  Looks like a goddamn ink blot test.  You can make out some of the pics and tell what they are, but others just look like smudges.

Xbox Live Gold Subscription for 20 bucks!!!

So I was at walmart today getting my son's birthday present and I decided to pick up my Xbox live gold membership subscription since I was there.  Since rent was due I was short on cash to get the 12 month subscription, so I went ahead and got the 20 dollar 3 month subscription.  I come home and put in the code to renew it and after I put it the code it tells me this: "Your Xbox Live gold 12 Month Membership has been activated."......Now at this point I'm shocked and curious as to what has happened.  I just got 12 months of Xbox Live for 20 bucks.  If someone has an explanation for this, please enlighten me.


Deadly Assassin's Outfit, how do I wear it?

 So I preordered Red Dead Redemption for the xbox 360, and I got the special deadly assassin's outfit that came with it,  I put in the code for it and got the downloadable content.  But how do I wear it.  I go into my outfits when I pause the game and it says you can the outfit, but doesn't say anything about putting it on.  So what do I do.  How do I fully obtain it?

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