February 2018: Month of the dash

I'm stretching this one a little bit. All of these games do have a dash of some sort other than Rime. Which really only has a running animation with no real quick dash like movement but eh good enough. The first few months of the year are usually a great time for me to get around to playing some games that were bought but never booted up. Other than MHW I didn't really plan on playing any of these games. I just happened to notice them either via a update coming out or they just happened to catch my eye while looking through my slightly to large game collection.

Yet a new world always awaits no matter which game I start. Almost always seeing something new is cool even if the gameplay might not be unique. Like just listing off the stories I saw on this list is something else. The first two contrast each other. On one side we've got anime battle royale and on the other side a comic book story about taking down a megalomaniac. Right after that a endless space war awaits while endless depression waits on the shores of a isle. Then at the end monster hunting with super humans took up most of the hours I had to play games. How could I ever stop playing games with the wide variety of worlds all these developers craft every year?

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