Game Of The Year Countdown 2015

It has been a few years since I last did a daily countdown to my number one game of the year. So I felt like this year was a good one to do something like this again since it was a great year overall for this hobby. From the smallest team to the largest gaming company everyone did a great job of making fun video games this year. This list happens to be the ones I enjoyed the most. Each day starting from December 8th to the 17th I'll be updating this list to add in another game and a paragraph about why it made that spot on my list. Enough explanation it's time to get this countdown started with #10...

List items

  • #10

    This Year started off with a bang with this little gem. Axiom Verge managed to do something new with the genre that can only be labeled with the name Metroidvania. The unique set of items gave me new ways to deal with obstacles and enemies compared to similar game. While also having a retro aesthetic that was a delight to look at and listen to. Plus in general it was fun to explore a strange world while having to face unique boss fights for most of it.

  • #9

    So I'm guessing you didn't expect to see a Dynasty Warriors spin off game on a top ten list this year huh. Well One Piece:PW3 managed to correct the mistakes of the previous game while also keeping the fast paced combat that kept me coming back for more. Although all they do is recap the main story arc it is done well and extra side details can be filled in if you do well in a stage which gave me more reasons to replay a level. Plus it doesn't hurt that this game also likes to go over the top for some flashy finishing blows after beating a boss.

  • #8

    It isn't easy to follow up a reboot but Netherealm Studios managed to make another great fighting game. The amount of variations in each fight is staggering thanks to the 3 different move sets every fighter gets. Along with that the simple but addictive nature of each fight in this game made me keep coming back for more.

  • #7

    Nintendo creating a mutiplayer shooter for the first time seemed like a idea that would fail but instead they created a fun video game. While also creating a unique yet simple experience about painting the town red. The continued support via new paint guns or maps/modes is another great addition to a game that was a little light on content when it first came out. Even the single player had a few good moments as well.

  • #6

    I wondered if Tell Tale lost their touch after the onslaught of games they keep putting out. But it turns out they stuck gold once again. Tales From The Borderlands proves that they can still make a action filled comical masterpiece. Plus more so than any other episodic game so far this one felt like it held up over the year it took to come out.

  • #5

    Along with the tight controls Galak-Z was a fun filled space adventure that I enjoyed a lot. The 80's anime visuals are great but the gameplay was also really good. Plus nothing can beat the feeling of trumping over a tough situation by getting better at dodging attacks in this game.

  • #4

    Years have gone by since I've really enjoyed a arcade sports game. Lucky for me someone decided to mix cars with soccer to make this masterpiece. The biggest thing this game taught me compared to similar games was the fact that it is easy to understand that it takes some defense as well as offence to obtain victory. After all blocking a shot is just as fun as scoring the winning goal.

  • #3

    Metal Gear Solid V managed to wrap a intriguing narrative onto a modern control scheme. While also expanding the scope of what a stealth game can do in a open world. Those facts may make this a great game but really the only thing I needed from this game was a bizarre Metal Gear storyline. Fortunately for me this game delivered that in spades.

  • #2

    As proven by my other blog post about GOTY Witcher 3 really impressed me with its story design. Combat compared to the older games was also much impoved with this one feeling a lot like a action game. Maybe I'm just good at ignoring ? marks on a map but the open world nature of this game didn't cause me to get distracted by a million other quests. Which is a nice change of pace since most of the time the main story isn't intersting enough to keep going down it.

  • #1

    Creating levels in a game isn't something I've had any fun with till now. The easy to learn creation tools had me up and creating levels a few hours after I put this disc into my Wii U. Plus the crazy amount of user created levels gave me plenty of reasons to come back. The many unique ways people use traditional Super Mario platforming continues to impress me. These are the reasons why I think Super Mario Maker is my Game Of The Year.