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My Favorite Game From Each Console/Handheld (PC too!) I’ve Ever Owned

After seeing the forum post about it I figured I might as well use the list feature on this site to note the games I think are my favorite games from each console. Depending on the day this list could easily change slightly so this is really only valid till I finish typing out this list.

List items

  • Nintendo Entertainment System:

    The pink puffball named Kirby finally came into his own unique platforming adventure. With the addition of his copy ability which he didn’t have till this point. Making it a memble game for me and the franchise itself.

  • Game Boy:

    Pokemon was a infection that seeped into the minds of many kids all over the world. Including me and this was where it started. A simple game about collecting monsters in your pocket turned into a never ending onslaught of games/figures/movies/etc that remain popular to this day.

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System:

    This was where Nintendo refined the formula for Zelda series. Turning a okay action/adventure game into one that is pretty much timeless. Exploring the land of Hyrule to collect items to solve puzzles is never not fun to do.

  • Genesis:

    Following in the footsteps of the cavalcade of other mascot platformers Konami decided to make this gem. Turns out giving a possum a rocket pack can lead to some fun level design. Plus the mix of standard platforming levels with side scrolling shooter levels keeps it from getting boring.

  • Game Gear:

    All I’ve got is memories of it at this point since my Game Gear broke a while ago but I spent quite of bit of time playing this little baseball game. It doesn’t do anything special other than being a good game to play on the go.

  • Sega Saturn:

    The Sega Saturn was something I picked up later in life but I had to pick up one of my favorite arcade games when I bought it. It has nothing to do with the movie other than the name. Making it just a cool little 3D brawler.

  • Nintendo 64:

    This was the start of my love for FPS games. It may not play like this anymore but whenever I revisit it I still enjoy playing through it. Something about running around everywhere blasting everything without really trying is still fun.

  • Game Boy Color:

    This game is remembered for a reason. Aka the RPG elements that make it a bit more than just classic tennis on the go.

  • PlayStation 1:

    This certainly doesn’t hold up graphicly anymore. But it did ignite my love for JRPG’s for quite a while. Plus it did show me a grand adventure on a worldwide scale too. Since I never played a RPG like this till this point in time.

  • Game Boy Advance:

    I’ve played through this game so many times since it was released. This game really showed me how much fun exploring a mini 2D world could be. Plus the soul system gave me a lot of different ways to deal with enemies or the environment.

  • Dreamcast:

    Although I love the first game too I feel like this one did a better job in the gameplay department by refining it down to 3 different styles. Even though the voice acting may not be amazing it also has a more concise story too.

  • Xbox:

    This could also be my favorite RPG of all time. Seeing another entire new timeline in one of my favorite franchises was pretty impressive at the time. Additionally the story had me compelled to play through it again just to see how it would play out.

  • Playstation 2:

    My love of 80’s spy fiction mixed with Kojima’s take on the genre makes this one of my favorite games in the francise.

  • Gamecube:

    Resident Evil was a series I never really touched till after the 2000’s. Other than going ehhh at a demo kiosk in a KB Toys one time. After this mix of action and horror blew my mind it made me go back and check on what I missed.

  • Nintendo DS:

    What makes a good game when it is told via text with a bit of visual splendor? A cast of wacky characters and situations certainly helps. Even the puzzle aspect takes it a step further than most visual novels. Figuring out what the present next to unlock the next piece of the mystery that follows each of Phoenix Wright's cases is the key to keep it interesting no matter how many times I revisit it.

  • Personal Computer:

    While Goldeneye started my love of FPS, Jedi Knight II just cemented it. The speed at which I could combat enemies on a PC compared to a console was unmatched. Having access to a 3rd person lightsaber mode just made it that much better.

  • Wii:

    I thought I was done with Nintendo since they seem to have left me behind at this stage. Yet a few years later when it was possible to pick up a Wii in stores I ended up getting one with Galaxy. Jumping around with Mario was still as fun as ever. Enough so that I even collected every star with Luigi too.

  • PlayStation 3:

    While the first game was a fun little romp this one just bumped up the action so much it wasn’t even a contest. Leaving me with the impression of having to see each of Drake’s adventures till this day since I was always curious to see what next crazy set piece the minds at Naughty Dog thought up next.

  • PlayStation Portable:

    Most likely not very many people's favorite Tony Hawk game. Yet it was memorable for being 100% just the full game from consoles on PSP. Since the humor wasn’t the reason I played this I just liked having a full Tony Hawk games on a go.

  • Xbox 360:

    The 360 left more of a impression on me via Japanese games because they were so scarce. Nothing like embodies the fun jank like EDF2017. Fighting a bunch of space bugs with sub part graphics was just so fun. I’m not even sure why in hindsight.

  • Wii U:

    It took them 8 games but far as I can this is the best controlling MK of them all. It has took over the spot of game I bring out whenever a friend comes over. Easy enough for anyone to play while still having some of the randomness that is inherent in this franchise.

  • 3DS:

    How to make the one of the best games ever in my eyes even better? Just remix how items are obtained and add a new transform mechanic and bam another awesome video game.

  • Vita:

    My vita was a Miku playing machine for quite a while. I even ended up getting the US version of this when it when on sale since I owned a import copy. I just enjoyed the music that much apparently. Hitting buttons along with a song is never not fun.

  • PlayStation 4:

    This reignited my love for the Yakuza series after falling off of it after 3. The dual stories of Kiryu and Majima are just so well done. Additionally the combat having a bit more to it than just mashing square and triangle a lot was nice too.

  • Xbox One:

    This is what every fighting game should be. Fun looking combos with a spot on presentation.

  • Nintendo Switch:

    Reinventing the way Mario games work occasionally to make them feel fresh occasionally must be tough. Yet Nintendo managed to do it again. I even enjoyed it enough to collect all the moons.