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Rio Starwind's Top 10 Games Of 2019

I really waited till almost the last minute this year. Finding time to put my thoughts down about video games at the end of the year has been kinda tough. But the end of the year is here and I wanted to join in on all the crazy amount of lists everyone is making. Like always 2019 has had a variety of awesome games. Although it was certainly the year of me liking the sequel to a long running franchise. Unsure what that says about me heh. Anyway along with the top 10 I have a few other games I wanted to point out via a few extra awards. So lets get this list started!

List items

  • Best Style:

    I only played one game this year that went for a look and followed through on it till the end. Between the crazy music with a stand out visual style it's hard for it to not stand out. Plus with the breakneck pace of the combat I enjoyed playing for a few hours it took to finish it.

  • Best Pinball:

    Hey a pretty rad pinball game came out this year. It's literally just one table but it is a very enjoyable one with a nice visual style too. It has turned out to be a good game that I like poking at occasionally to see if I can beat my high score. That's something I haven't done since Gravity Crash was released.

  • #10

    The only reason this game is on this list is that I really enjoy playing it coop. Almost all of my time was spent playing it with a friend. Blasting foes and crazy bosses is still an enjoyable pastime. Loot feels great too with some crazy guns that can be very useful if you find them. But that's kinda the only reason this is on my list. But nothing wrong with a game being an amazing coop experience since it isn’t something that happens to often.

  • #9

    With how much I like fighting games I’m surprised I only have one on my list this year. MK11 has some real issues with how it deals with unlocks but the gameplay part is what I enjoyed the most. Crazy fast paced combat is fun but I enjoy some slow paced combat too. Makes it real easy to pull off all the moves and that’s great since I tend to play the entire roster by the time I quit playing a fighting game. Didn’t hurt that this also has the standard Netherrealm story mode that once again does a solid job fleshing out the world of MK. A solid set of single player modes is why I always tend to enjoy a game by these developers. I just hope they work on the fact that it seems way too much crunch was done to finish this game.

  • #8

    This one sneaked it’s way on this list. Mostly because it does something that many games don’t do these days. Make a plane based combat game. Plus it does that very well with many types of missions and a solid build up of the story even if it falters a bit at the start. Most importantly controlling the jet feels great and pulling off crazy maneuvers to take down an ace pilot does feel amazing once you pull it off. Just going real slow to make turns better won’t let you succeed every time. The fact it is a classic arcade fighter jet game made me really enjoy it. It goes out all on some silly stuff later on in the story too.

  • #7

    In a lot of ways Pokemon Sword feels like it’s going back to the basics. Sure they added in gigantamax to mix up how some fights play out. But otherwise the way the story is laid out feels like most of the focus is being the very best once again. Which is too bad since I very much enjoyed what they did with the storyline in Pokemon Moon. But instead we get some very varied gyms and plenty of new Pokemon to catch. That’s the core of the series and why I continue to play it till this day.

  • #6

    Another game that's on this list because I don’t play this style of game to often. Yet when I do I tend to enjoy it a lot. Yet after Bayonetta this series feels a little subdued even if it has some crazy moments. But the key is that the combat is on point. WIth plenty of variety too since you switch between 3 different characters. Each one with their own moveset that I mostly liked other than Nero who felt like a tutorial for Dante. At the same time the layouts of each level are pretty basic but the fights always feel amazing even when I don’t have the skills to always get the SSS rank. Gotta give this game some credit for being a bit more fair with the addition of continues that can be earned as you go along. I always appreciate a game that isn’t trying to waste my time even when I fail haha.

  • #5

    I enjoyed the first Blaster Master Zero quite a bit, even with all the flaws. For the most part most of the issues are fixed in this sequel that is entirely original. (The first game was a remake of Blaster Master.) Blasting around in the sophia is much better in this one since they knew that players would want the glide early on. Plus each area does add a new weapon or upgrade that will be used on each new planet. Kept it interesting for the entire playthrough. Along with an amazing finale this was a fun game to play through.

  • #4

    Hmm, this is a game I didn’t quite know if I was going to get around to play this year in time for the yearly GOTY round up. But I did get around to it and it’s just what I wanted it to be. 100% just another Metroidvania. Nothing wrong with that and it just seems to be a genre I enjoy no matter what. Exploring environment to either power up or earn some cool new armor never gets old apparently. With the addition of some cool new mobility power ups later on you can do some wild stuff. Kinda breaks the game in some ways. Which is completely fine. It really feels like a game that is meant to be broken by the time the credits roll. Plus it has some real challenge within the winding halls of the caste. Not being able to totally walk through all the bosses kept it from becoming boring.

  • #3

    River City Girls does what it aimed to do with this style of game. A brawler that lets you beat up a bunch of school punks that dare to stand in the way of love. With everyone dropping money that can then be used to power up you character. It takes a bit of time to unlock some of the more useful moves that let you do some crazy combos. Whenever I can almost pull off a Marvel Vs Capcom combo I know it's doing what I want to see from a beat em up. Additionally the 16 bit art style looks nice and it is balanced very well even when you play through all of it Coop. As a bonus you will also unlock some new characters to play through it again with a different moveset. Which adds a bit of replay value for a type of game that usually doesn’t have any. That’s why it’s so high up on this list.

  • #2

    They did the thing I wanted them to do. Continuing down the rabbit hole of Kingdom Hearts by finally progressing the storyline. It brings everything together in a way that may be very predictable but the fact they somehow managed to do that is awesome. The game itself is solid too with each battle happening at a frantic pace. Honestly too much stuff is going on at all times that it can be overwhelming sometimes. But it seemed like spectacle was what they were going for this time. Which I did enjoy playing the entire time till the credits rolled. It even makes piloting the gummi ship pretty fun. Overall it does what I wanted to see from this series and that’s why it’s so high up on this list.

  • Game Of The Year:

    Only one game this year kept me enthralled with its basic premise of being a game about capturing ghosts. That would be this one of course. I wasn’t quite sure about this game at first but it quickly became a game I just enjoyed playing the entire time. Tearing through each of the floors to find all the collectables is never something I do in a game. Yet I really did enjoy solving simple puzzles to unlock all the different gems and Boos that are hidden in every floor. The fact that every floor had a unique theme keeps it from getting old even though Luigi only really gets one new move near the end of the game. Yet they really do use the basic move set very well in a bunch of different ways. Nothing mind-blowing but it was always amusing to me. The fact that it all works amazingly well in coop is just the cherry on the top. Fun times all the way to the end and that’s why it was my game of the year.