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Rio's Game Of Year List 2021

This was a very interesting year for me. Pretty sure I watched streamers play games more than actually play them myself this year. Additionally, I bought only two games on this list and the rest came from Xbox Game Pass. Not something I really want to rely on, but it just fit into how I was playing games this year. Looking over this list I was really just interested in experiencing a well told story or a unique world to roam around in. With some pure action near the top of the list. Overall, within a year of uncertainty I was still able to count on games to lighten my spirits. So here are my top 10 games of 2021!

List items

  • Playing the first game and then this one really showed me how much they improved on the original. It just does everything better. I love a good 3D platformer and this one just hit all the right notes. Silly story, solid gameplay and plenty of stuff to collect even if it isn't worth it. That's what makes it my Game Of The Year.

  • I think it would take a lot of effort for Arc System Works to mess up a GG game. Another solid entry into the series with another step-up graphics wise. Combat wise it's once again a frenzy of combat with plenty of tools to assist you if you need them. Overall, it easily fights its way into the #2 spot.

  • This one surprised me by being a step above what I expected. Cleaning up the gunk is more fun than it should be. Slowly puzzling my way through the world while learning what was really going on kept me wanting to see more. Almost played all the way through in one session. Combat is its only weak point but only because it doesn't have much variety. After getting through all the gunk I found that this was a great #3.

  • I really needed a game about just wandering around a wasteland finding random things and events spread throughout the world. It just clicked in a way where I just flew my way through the world just waiting to see what I might run into next. Aided by a great soundtrack and a unique visual style that is the reason it gets to be #4.

  • Wow the game series I thought we would never get. More ace attorney goodness automatically gets the #5 spot. I could go into more detail, but this series has always been the same. Use your wits to solve court cases while a bunch silly stuff happens along the way.

  • Another relaxing game. Unpack stuff and put them in the right place. Seeing how a person changes over time by the things they collect is a unique way to tell a story too. If only doing this in real life was as relaxing as this. After unpacking everything I found this fit into the #6 spot perfectly.

  • The only not 2021 game on the list. Really reignited my love for Metroid Vania's this year. Mixing in Touhou into this genre turns it even more frantic than a normal one of these. Luckly our heroine has some time stop powers to keep me from being overwhelmed. This got the #7 spot because I just really enjoyed the combat. Made me challenge myself in a new way. Yet not in a way where I was willing to do the same in a normal Touhou game.

  • A literal journey of an artist as they figure out what they want to be. A full-on audio-visual experience is what this game is. Shows you some wild stuff along with some nice tunes to go along with it. A wild ride all the way to #8

  • Being a mailman doesn't sound like a great game. But this is all about the people you meet along the way. This is another game on the list I played to relax. It may be just as repetitive as the next game, but I didn't feel that as I played through it. All the interactions you have feel very real. Once again just a real nice time and that makes it my #9

  • Swery makes a game where I can turn into a cat. I play game because I expect a wild story and I certainly got that. Wanted to keep playing it just to see the next crazy thing. Barely squeezing its way into the end of the list at #10. This also gets the award of being the best game you can ride a sheep in. At least for this year.