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Thoughts on Video Games Spring 2020

Hey it's time again for my round up of random video games I happen to be playing. This year has certainly been a unique time that has lead to some slightly more than usual amount of game playing. More games means more stuff to talk about on the internet. Yet like most of my lists this will be a quick look into my thoughts about each one. Sure a full 5-6 paragraph review is fun to write sometimes but socially feel like I'm padding those out a bit. For some reason this reminds me that I wrote a bunch about every James Bond game (Yes even the text adventures) and never ended up posting it. Hmm, anyway lets get to what this list is about. VIDEO GAMES!

List items

  • Limiting this entire adventure to one island was a great idea. Having a limited cast of characters lets them flesh them out a bit more even if they do rely on one note characters sometimes. Combat is also just as on point as always now that they’ve gotten better at the 3 character style they started doing with Ys Seven. Giving Adol the ability of parry attacks and even a dodge roll is ever vital toward making most fights pretty fun. Building up the town as the party explores the land is cool too although it never really makes the player go out of their way. Which means you’ll have very little down time overall even though the length of this one is a bit absurd compared to the other games. 40 hours is a bit too long for this style of game I think. Sure the overall mystery of the island is told very well but I was ready for it to be over by the time the credits finally rolled. Still a great game if you don’t mind spending a solid amount of time on it.

  • Everything that makes this a solid Suda 51 production also makes it rather hard to get into compared to the more action focused experiences. Do you want off the wall plot points? A Mixture of media formed into some kind of narrative? Then this is the game for you if you don’t mind reading a lot of text. Which is where this game fumbles in my opinion. All the stuff around reading things is amazing but the dialogue can be rather um crude? Something about reading a bunch of characters cussing a lot doesn’t leave as much impact compared to other games like Killer 7.Plus the narrative is a confusing mess that then gets explained in a handy side story after each chapter. Honestly if it didn’t explain anything I might have enjoyed it a bit more as a drive by crazy train. But for the most part this is a hard game to recommend other people play. Unless you don’t mind any of the issues I’ve brought up.

  • This is a game that lives up to what people used to think about Sonic. Blazing fast levels that go by so fast it really doesn’t give the player much time to do anything. At least some of the classic Sonic levels require a bit of skill. Yet for the most part I just flew through everything getting a bunch of S ranks without really trying. Heck even the final boss was beaten by just hitting the boost button while taking a few hits to beat it just that bit faster. Other than this being the perfect little time waster for a few hours it just ends up being just another mediocre Sonic game sadly.

  • This might just be my favorite beat of up of the past few years. It really feels like it was crafted for a amazing coop experience. Since the levels and enemies are placed in a way that makes for some cool stuff. Keeping a boss in the air with some well placed special attacks as a duo never got old. Sure the music isn't as impactful as the original games yet it still fits in well enough. Pacing wise the levels also are either maybe to long or to short. Yet I really just had a ton of fun just playing through it with a fiend and unlocking all the extra characters later.

  • Overly bloody games aren’t really my cup of tea but I do like a good beat 'em up. While this one doesn’t offer any crazy combos it is instead a very fair game. Which is not something you can say about a lot of games like this one. I didn’t realize that I was playing hard until I beat the game. So while this retains the basics of every other brawler it does a solid job of never overwhelming the player with numbers they can’t handle. Storyline wise it’s rather meh but if you want to beat up a few fools this is a solid choice. Doesn’t hurt that this game and the previous one are on game pass at the moment.

  • This game is 100% Zelda but what if it was super weird. Best I can tell the story is about a boy named Young as he goes through his memories as he tries to come to terms with what he has done. Overall it does Zelda quite well with a bunch of different little puzzles depending on the dungeon you happen to be going down. The super strangeness goes a long way to keeping things interesting. With that huge hook of it being a strange world it doesn’t do anything else especially good other than confusing the player with the plot.

  • Playing this game after the first one really shows off how much the team behind this one decided to go all out with the sequel. At least to a point since this is no longer just a very weird Zelda clone. It still has elements of it but it’s more about using Nova’s vacuum skill to fling enemies at each other. That may not sound like much but they dole it out in a way that changes it up every new mini area. Plus half of the game now looks like it came out of the PS1. All the combat is still on a 2D plan but exploring around the weird world of Anodyne is now more interesting than before. Overall since this has very little to do with the first game it is worthwhile to just play this one instead. The story is more compelling and actually understandable too. They may be limited by the scope of the game yet it all comes together in a compelling way that I think is worth checking out.