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Black Lives Matter

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The Forgotten Call of Duty 0

On a whim I decided to play through this game again. An often-overlooked title from the many games that came out for this series. I was pretty hyped for this when it came out. I loved the previous two titles so what I ended up with was a bit of a letdown. Especially for a game I was playing on my new PS3. Now to see if I have a similar reaction to it today or if it has a bit more to it than I remember. Once again, we return to the trenches of World War II. It follows the English/American/Polish...

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Lost in the world of Omno 8

I appreciate it when a game just throws you into a situation and just says here is the button you push to explore. No frills or grand story needed. That is fairly close to what this game is going for. Sure some bits and pieces of lore are scattered around but a lot like Journey this is a game about experiencing a whole other world.Omno puts you in the place of a being that seems to be on a pilgrimage of some sort. Why they are seeking this enlightenment is unknown. Still pressing on to the next...

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A open world game that just hit all the right notes for me to enjoy it 0

Didn't expect to enjoy the stealth segments but it works quite well in most situations.I’m not sure if it was because I haven’t played a open world third person shooter this year or what but this game really hooked me. My very low expectations might have helped too since the game itself is quite good. Another factor makes this a more enjoyable open world game too but I’ll go over that in a bit. First let’s learn a bit about uh another world in chaos.Deacon St. John is a ...

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While it can be repetitive this game does hit all the right notes to make it a enjoyable time 0

Occasionally I just get in the mood to play a farming game. That time has arrived once again. But like most it isn’t just about growing a bunch of crops. Since it does have a storyline too.A family sits around discussing various topics when their son/daughter brings up a dramatic life choice. They want to be a farmer yet their father is stauntly against them doing that. Ignoring his wishes they head off to start a farm with the help of their uncle Frank. With his help and a will to make t...

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Testing the limits of what golf is makes this little game a fun ride all the way to the end 0

I remember watching the quick look of this and thinking that it looked fun and that I would play it someday. That day has arrived. As the title implies this is a game all about golf. Well at least a very loose interpretation of golf. Does the ball hit the flag? YOU WIN! If you will actually be using a golf ball to do that is up for debate.While this game does have a loose storyline it doesn’t go further than the world ending consequences of everything becoming golf. Thus this is all about...

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This is a well crafted stealth/puzzle game that manages to hit some high notes in the storyline too 0

This is a story that spans many months as a brother and sister start to get to know each other after a horror tragedy. A terrible fate seems to be in store for little Hugo who has been separated from his sister for their entire life till the inquisition burns their house down. Thanks to his sister Amicia and some very angry rats they manage to escape only to start down a very terrible path as the horror of the black plague awaits around every corner.The many ways of figuring out how to get ligh...

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A slow yet well told story with some neat moments along the way is what you'll find in this game 0

Getting to the Moon has never been an easy task. Especially so in this atmospheric adventure game that focuses on one astronaut's journey to the moon far in the future. In this possible future for the Earth has been ravaged by a never ending sand storm and only a base that shoots back a beam of energy from the Moon can tame the mighty storms. Unfortunately it no longer works which leads to a search party of one going out to solve this devastating issue.Most of the more hard hitting story scenes...

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A game that seems like it was hindered by a super low budget 2

I knew exactly what I was getting myself into with this one. A low budget game based on an anime that I enjoyed watching a few years ago. It doesn’t even try to make itself look even slightly flasher with the intro cutscene. Nothing wrong with that if the game is still fun to play though. As you might expect this game just retells the story from the first season but it does indeed do a little bit more than just that.A bunch of visual novel like cutscenes await. Translation issues pop up ...

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A solid first attempt at making a action RPG out of SMT. Yet other than the setting it doesn't stand out much. 0

With SMT: Nocturne getting a HD remake soon it seemed like a good time as any to go back to 2000’s era Atlus. This period of time was all about the many ways they could spin off titles from SMT to see how they stick. Out of the bunch Persona stood out the most but other spin offs like this one were also around. Real time combat is what this one is all about. But first some demon shenanigans have been going on in early 1920’s Japan.A devil summoner named Raidou has been using his uni...

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Children Of Morta is one of those rogue-lite games that puts all the different pieces together in a fun way 10

Much of what this game does is remind me that I can really like rogue lite games that let the player upgrade themselves after every failed run. Getting right back up to take on the impossible enemy again now armed with how it deals out damage feels pretty good once I finally attain victory. Yet along with some solid combat tools you also get a well told story via a Bastion like narrator.No real wrong pick no matter who you go with. Although it did feel like some bosses were a bit easier dependi...

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As a time management game this one has a lot of good points that may start to overstay their welcome a bit 0

I’ve been a fan of the Harvest Moon series since the first game on the SNES. I’ve not really touched another game like it since barely playing one of the PS3 Rune Factory games. Which is too bad since I do like this style of daily management game. So on a wilm I decided to pick up this game and now I’m hooked once again. Although I wouldn’t say these games are known for their storyline this one does have one so let me convey that to you first.With this being a new versio...

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Shantae's first outing may have some balance issues yet it still remains a pretty fun game. 0

A few mini games pop up in the game. This one is a bit harder than it should be thanks to the smallness of the GBC screen.The First Shantae game was an extremely late Game Boy Color game that came out when almost no one cared about the device it was released on. Until a sequel to this came out I knew nothing about the series at all. Since then I’ve been a general fan of what Wayforward does. Seeing what they were doing at this point does show off that they’ve continued to make the s...

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A mix of silliness and drama makes this a enjoyable visual novel 1

Really the main reason I’m interested in this game is because it was written by the same creator of the Zero Escape series. While that series of games had it’s high and low points the storyline never failed to entertain. So I was hoping that trend would continue with this game too. Time to find out if that is true or not by giving a quick synopsis of what seems to be going on in the world.A grisly crime scene reveals itself to Detective Date who takes the time to look around the sce...

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While this game has some issues it is still a captivating visual novel that’ll keep you hooked till the end 0

It has been two years since I first visited the visual novel sequel to this game. I played it after watching the anime adaption based on this one. On a whim I decided to finally play this after it has been sitting on my PS3 for a few years. So let us begin the journey on the path to Steins Gate!The art style in this game makes it stand out a lot vs every other visual novel.The adventure begins in modern Tokyo. A man called Okabe and his childhood friend Mayuri are on their way to a public scien...

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Capcom managed to follow the thin line of respecting what came before while still adding onto a already great game 1

We are certainly in the era of the remake. Breathing new life into an old property is just a thing that is seen often these days. Whether it is done well or not is very hit or miss. Capcom has done this once before yet does that mean it can be done well again. Let’s see by setting up the world of Resident Evil 2.Two people wander into the outskirts of Raccoon City. Leon a rookie cop and Claire a sister that is worried about her brother. They know not of what horrors lie within its winding...

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Six games into this series and the one thing it does best is being consistent about telling a exciting story 0

The Ace Attorney series has been going on for quite a while at this point. I’ve tried to keep up fairly well but I’m way behind on this one. Which is too bad since this game has plenty of amusing or harrowing moments that kept me hooked till the credits rolled. First up let's get you caught up on the machinations of Phoenix Wright.Dramatic finger pointing is still on display in all of it's glory. We find our loveable lawyer on vacation in the land of Khura’in. A boy named Ahlb...

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A mix of old and new Castevania that kinda just ends with it being very mediocre 0

While the layout may be simple the visual flair is still quite nice. They spent some time making these different environments. Yes, the best way to experience the PS2 era is to play them in the reverse order. Well maybe not. I’ve already posted a review of Curse Of Darkness and thanks to Konami putting this on the PS2 Classics a while ago I bought this recently. If we were going by the official timeline this would be the first in the series, so let's see what the setup is.Leon Belmont is ...

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After unlocking some more moves this game becomes a very fun beat em up 1

Over the years the one thing Wayforward seems to love to do more than anything else is create new games in the style of classic 8-bit/16-bit video games. Along with making a ton of games based on known properties. This is a mix of both of those things since this is a reimagined look at River City Ransom.This game makes good use of Double Dragon characters too. Abobo is honestly one of the hardest bosses. This game picks up as our heroines learn that their boyfriends have been kidnapped. They a...

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Busting does indeed make me feel good once again in the haunted halls of Luigi's Mansion 3. 0

It has been a few years since I played Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. That experience was fine but it left a bad taste in my mouth compared to how much I enjoyed the first game. Thus my expectations for this one was a bit lower than before. I was glad to see this game managed to overcome the issues of that one. But first lets set the stage by recapping whats going on this time.We start our tale with Luigi's and his pals coming to a luxury hotel that they were invited to as guests. After check in th...

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This is a neat little creepy adventure game that does a few interesting things 0

Going into this game it is fairly obvious what it is just by looking at the game on any storefront. A pixel art horror adventure game. It lives up to that monekor very well. But does it does it do anything worthwhile with it? Let's find out by first summing up what your getting into first.You'll meet a variety of characters on Luzia's adventure. Some help others aren't quite on her side. All is not well in the house of a little girl named Luzia. Turns out her sister has been turned into some ki...

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A haunting fairy tale story that'll make you want to play through it just to see how it concludes 0

I’ve always been curious about Niponichi’s series of mini puzzle games they’ve put out over the years. They’ve kept putting them out since the first one The Firefly’s Diary. Yet I haven’t really touched them till this latest release. This set of games seems to focused on 2D puzzle solving with some light fairy tale like story in between gameplay sections. But the story was what got me to check this one out which I will now recap.Along the way to getting the P...

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Breath Of Fire wants the player to finish it thus it's a much easier game to breeze through than most JRPG's 4

I haven’t put my time toward beating a JRPG in quite a while. Yet something awoke inside of me when the SNES games came out on Switch. I’ve been playing through most of them and since BoF was apart of the set I ended up playing through it. Mostly thanks to how lighthearted it felt difficulty wise since I’ve never been hyped to lose a long battle in an RPG ever. That also carries over to the storyline that may not do anything super interesting yet it does take you to a variety ...

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A X-men brawler that does what it does best while keeping the difficulty fairer than most games from this era 0

Compared to last week I’m revisiting a game that I remember fondly. Unsure if I ever finished it till today. This time we are following Capcom and their solid track record of pretty good licensed games that they made on the NES and SNES. No Spider-Man this time but the X-Men are here to take down evildoers.The reviled mutant Apocalypse has taken over the island of Genosha. From there he plans on ruling over the world. Yet Professor Xavier and his band of X-men show up to stop him. Each of...

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I can see a good game here yet it is full of annoying design decisions that make it real hard to enjoy it. 0

While organizing my older consoles this weekend I noticed I pulled out this game the last time I had my SNES out for some reason. LJN published games aren't known for quality after all. But I had some strange urge to try my best to make my way through this game. While I didn’t succeed I did come out the other end seeing a bit clearer at the good and bad aspects of this game.At first when booting up the game it appears like some effort went into this with a little comic book page laying ou...

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Jumping Flash is a dated yet still good 3D Platfomer 0

After picking up a PSClassic recently I thought it would be a good excuse for me to replay and review some games that could be hard to go back to. Might as well start off with a game I look fondly back on. Jumping Flash stars a robot rabbit named Robbit who is the last hope in the galaxy to stop Baron Aloha’s evil plans. Which is just a silly excuse to make some weird stuff and fit the fact each world is just a bunch of floating platforms. This also leads us into how it looks.Each world i...

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Shenmue II improves on some aspects of the first game. Yet falls into other traps that make it mediocre once again. 0

Now instead of going back to a game I remember fondly we are heading back to the one I never finished. Sure that was half thanks to my Xbox disc drive starting to break but it also didn’t pull me in like the first one did. Playing them one after another does show the ways in which this one improved on first while also noting how they made some things worse. But in case your coming to this without reading my first review let me give a brief synopsis of Ryo’s journey.The voice acting ...

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What this game managed to do on the Dreamcast was very impressive. Now does all that ambition turn into a fun game? 3

Going back to this game really shows off how much it expected players to take their time. Spend some time just improving moves and exploring the small town they handcrafted with a bunch of details. Sure it has a Virtua Fighter like combat system but you’ll barely even get to use it till the final section of the game. Most of what you end up doing is just talking to NPC's. When it was first released that was amazing yet looking at it now it sounds & looks dated. But first let me go ove...

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This game achieved what it was trying to do. A solid adventure through time and space. 0

Once the game boots up we start to learn about Lunais and her destiny as a Timespinner. It seems her clan has been hunted for years by a mad king that wants their time powers for himself. This day has come once again and our protagonist is the latest to go back in time to rewrite history. Yet things go wrong and now she is stuck in future on the planet of the ruler she now despises. Only by reforging the spinner and going back and forth in time will she find the future she seeks.How can you not...

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Cross Code does a good job of melding puzzle elements with a action RPG while still telling a compelling story 0

Something about a single player RPG pretending to be a MMORPG has always been interesting to me. Trying to emulate such a huge thing seems almost impossible. Most games like this end up being really repetitive thanks to the fighting system being pretty forgettable. Yet for this game it manages to sidestep that problem a bit by making the gameplay more than just endless monster fights. But I am getting ahead of myself a little bit. Let me do a quick recap of what’s going on the world of Cr...

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Shadowrun has a great world with a lot of gameplay choices that could easily hinder any enjoyment a player might find. 0

Early fortes into mixing a standard turn-based RPG into something a bit more action based always had my interest more than the rest. It would soon become clear that I preferred this style of game over a standard JRPG. This version of Shadowrun does that and keeps another important thing I like a fairly linear narrative. Like many games I seem to play it stars a hero who has lost his memory.It doesn't take long for things to take a interesting turn.Waking up in the morgue was the last place Jake...

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It's rare for a rhythm game to keep me hooked even after playing all the songs yet Cytus II managed to do that. 0

As a fan of this developers previous games I jumped on the offer to pick this up for free from the google app store last week. While the music used to be the main draw it seems like some rhythm games have tried to insert some narrative between bouts of musical mayhem. VOEZ, a previous game by this developer tried this and failed. Requiring the player to be a expert of the toughest difficulty was just dumb and that lead to me putting that game down sooner. Turns out they learned from that mistak...

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As a fighting game this is a really good one. Yet the grinding required to get some cosmetics is a bit to much. 0

After skipping over MKX I’ve decided to return to the earthrealm once again with the release of MK11. Nothing about the previous game caught my eye at all. Which isn’t true this time. As for what is going on in the realms of this story it is quite simple. Raiden has gone all emo dark on everyone. This prompts a unknown god of time named Konika to set a plan into motion to erase all of time and remold it into a universe without Raiden. Thus our heroes band together to stop her in a v...

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BM Zero 2 takes the base of what they did with the remake and just makes a new game out of that 0

Inti Creates is back with a sequel to a remake that has a title that no longer makes any sense at all. I enjoyed the first game a lot. It had some serious backtracking issues. Hopefully that gets fixed in this one. From the last game Jason just saved the Earth from the mutant threat. Unfortunately his companion Eve was infected by the mutant virus and their new goal is to fly off into the cosmos to find her home planet.You won't need to wait around for maneuverability upgrades this time. Sure y...

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PikuNiku 100% does what it was made to do. 0

A nice visual style also adds to the charm.This game is all about being a cute little adventure that wants to charm all who decide to buy it. From the opening that is very obvious with it’s quirky introduction of the antagonist who just wants to give everyone money for free. Just don’t mind all the trees and corn being taken away at the same time. Then it introduces Piku who is a round ball with legs that lives in a cave. The townspeople fear him yet he really is just a clumsy being...

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A short charming adventure that feels much more at home on a phone than the PS4 version I played. 0

But before I get into that let me give you a quick recap of what’s going on in the small town shop Donut County. Our protagonist BK the raccoon has a app that he has been using to deliver “donuts” to customers. But what they really get is a controllable hole in the ground that then gobbles up everything in a nearby radius. Things start to spiral out of control once most of the town gets sent underground. Thus most of the story is told via flashbacks and has a lot of silly qui...

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Wanting to see more games with a good base that don't quite try to kill you every minute is what I got out of this game 0

One thing has became very clear to me after I finished up this video game. Games that inspire to be like the classics don’t need to test your reflexes or platforming skills in a tough way to still be fun. Being able to finish off a boss the first time may sound to easy yet this keeps the pace going. Which is a fun way to experience a game sometimes. Similar to how older games that were set up for the player to finish like Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers. I hope to see more games like this ...

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While this feels like a bit of a rehash in some ways it does enough to make it worth playing. 0

Having played the first two FF games a while ago I finally got around to playing through this one. Fighting ghosts with the power of taking their picture has always been a pretty cool idea to me. Time to see if this improves on what the previous game did so well.Some ghost encounters are kinda tough thanks to the layout of the room.This tale begins with Reika and Miku deciding to head to a worn out shrine that was reported to be haunted. While they were taking photos Reika ends of seeing a visi...

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This series has so many different narratives yet it managed to conclude in a way I enjoyed 0

After years of building we finally reach the culmination of four side games that have been slowly building up to this conclusion. Was it worth the wait? Does it upgrade the combat? We shall see as I review Kingdom Hearts III.Picking up right where 2.8 prologue left off we find Sora heading off to visit Olympus to get some advice from Herc. Since he has lost his powers at the end of the last game and must somehow regain them. Behind the scenes Organization 13 have been revived and are once again...

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Curse Of Darkness takes the 2D Castlevania formula and turns it into a reasonably good action game 0

Ah yes the age of 3D takes on the Castlevania formula. Not fondly remembered by most since taking the Metroidvania formula into the third dimension is hard. At least presenting it in a way that is still enjoyable to play. Yet did Konami manage to do that in this release? Let’s find out.Dracula may have been defeated by the combined efforts of Trevor & Co yet his curse remains. Hector a formal devil forge master of Count Dracula has returned to defeat another forge master named Isaac. ...

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Writing a ending to a trilogy of games has to be tough. So why not go out with a bang? 0

Welcome to another pulse pounding roller coaster thrill ride that is known as Danganronpa. Once again another 16 participants have been chosen to endure the never ending killing game. Thrills and chills await all who decide to get on this ride. All sorts of twists and turns happen every unfortunate demise. I hope you enjoy your stay, puhuhu.It’s been a while since I last looked at the grim landscape of this series. It has certainly reminded me what this does so well and where it falters....

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