I admit that it is fun watching your name rise through the top users, and seeing that everyone around you signed up a week or more before you. But everything I have done -- from uploading screenshots for legacy systems, to linking developers to the games they helped create, to overhauling the entire page for a favorite game -- has been to improve the site, not just to garner points. That's just a nice side benefit. I've earned all my points, I feel, and I stand by all my updates.

I offer into evidence the Bard's Tale page. It is almost entirely my own handiwork. I wrote the entirity of the content myself without copying directly from other sites -- with the exception of the Story section, taken verbatim from the game manual. I tracked down screenshots from as many different systems as could be found, and captured all the character classes, monsters, buildings, and dungeon shots myself. And it is still a work in progress, as I am still playing the game. Retrogaming at its finest.

There are still vast areas of the site that still need imrovement, but one has to look for them. No one is going to get their 1000 or 5000 points by updating the World of Warcraft or Fallout 3 pages. Too much work has been done there already, and there's too many people on those pages. Find the corners of the site, the favorite games that are ignored, and get to work. There's plenty of points yet to be had.

But I do wonder, once all the games have been completed and the site is basically up to date...where will the points be found? A year from now, how will a new user be able to get his 1000 points, or 5000 points? Are the people with 30,000 points now always going to be the top users?