Google Wave

 So everybody, I recently got an invite to try out the beta of Google Wave.

If you don't know what it is, here is a good summary:

Anyway, if you're invited to Google Wave it gives you 8 invites to give to anyone. 
You do need to have a Gmail account.

So this all means that I have 8 invites to give out, anyone want one?   
P.S. I need your e-mail if you want one.


Lost in Translation

So after abusing Google Translate I turned. 

Hey Guys,

You probably remember my name is John, and I want to apologize to every single one of you. I'm pretty sure most of you arent fat and are probably cleverer than I said, and if you guys want to look at pictures and stuff, then that's cool, everyone has a different life. The world is here to be shared, and I'm happy to share it with you guys. Most of you have probably got pussy before, anyway... I had a look around and there was a picture of a bitch being plowed by a guy with "RON PAUL /b/" written on his dick. I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people... I do it myself, but not as well as you guys. I actually met my bitch through facebook, so I guess we're all a bit nerdy sometimes.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I deserve it after what I was like. I resigned from the football team and took up chess, and quit basketball when I realised the only people playing were niggers anyway. I also tried jacking off to an anime girl, which actually isn't all that bad. I only got straight A's because my mom fucked the principal, and my hot girlfriend is actually just a blow-up doll (She just popped; Shit was SO shit). You are all just reasonable people who should disregard what I said to you, don't become "an heroes" LOL (am I a newfag or what?). Thanks for listening, no hard feelings, right?

Pic Related: It's me and my blow-up bitch. We're both really, really sorry


Also, I remember each person's name is John, I want to apologize.  I'm fat, smart, and not the people you photograph, Arendt everyone else, I think life is.  I am happy to share with the world must be shared.  Before your cat may be the most ...  Anyway, I'm Ron Paul / B a "human development, and /" is written on his genitals and asked to see a picture of a woman.  My people, my fun, fun ...  I'm running your own good I think I have not met.  I share with you this morning a little strange, I think I met my dog. 
Far.  / What is not fun.  This is the best chance I can.  I think we should take care of you.  I move the football, I order to achieve a black basketball was complete.  I Ofujakki her all the animation is very bad.  Subjective, and my mother, so direct, she's sexy, she is really my baby (pop-up window to start. Dog droppings your dog, this is not the case.) Or "You are a hero to me," you laugh (or I  newfag?), as well as a reasonable person should be ignored.  Thanks for a very bad feeling? 
Photo: a woman, I shot open.  We are sorry for.