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I'm not here to say it was right or wrong that E3 rejected me this year, only to point out how much I'll miss it.

Somehow, someway last year, I convinced E3 that a university radio station in the Turlock/Modesto area in California deserved to be there. I didn't expect them to admit me. I only thought that since I had nothing to lose, I might as well throw up a hail mary and see what happens. It was funny, because in my initial interaction with the staff through email, they told me I would not qualify as media. But I applied anyway, despite their initial rejection of the idea that college media is real media, and miraculously two weeks later they told me I was in.

Rest assured, attending E3 does live up to all the hype. I once wrote a long Tumblr post about it, as well as talked about the experience on my radio show numerous times. http://reinman64.tumblr.com/post/6672483363/final-thoughts-on-e3

Initially I thought this was some fluke, until I tried to see what would happen if I applied to other events. After E3, I got accepted to every single convention I applied to as press. Of course, nothing ever lived up to E3. Nothing. I won't list every event I've been accepted to, but the list is quite surprising and even includes the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. After a while, I felt invincible. Unfortunately, I had no money to drive to Las Vegas and couldn't make it, but getting accepted into that proved to me without a doubt, that getting into E3 last year was no accident, or so I thought.

In the past year also, I joined my university newspaper as a way of not necessarily adding to my credentials for these events, but to make myself a better journalist regardless, because I truly and honestly love reporting on video games.

But, as the title of this blog mentions, E3 rejected me this year. I have argued with them about it over email, saying our station is getting a new transmitter which will expand our reach, pointing out that there's absolutely nothing different about the qualification process as last year, only to have them reply their rules have magically become stricter.

I don't know anymore if I'm just a really gifted writer to have made all these conventions believe I belong, or if my university media status legitimately qualified me for every event that I was accepted to over the past year. It does not matter. My luck ran out.

It's their event I suppose and they can do what they want. I could go on and on about how inconsistent it is for them to admit me one year, and reject me the next despite turning in the exact same application materials. It's over though. It would not matter if I wrote 10 pages about this. I'd be less surprised if a chocobo flew threw the sky than me entering E3 ever again.

I just wanted to share my story. I went to E3 last year representing a small radio station in Turlock, CA, and I will probably never duplicate such an accomplishment again. Thanks for the memories.

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Kotaku turned me off when they tried to force that hideous interface redesign on us last year.

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I think the site is a bit slow. It just feels like it takes a while for each page to load, even if I'm on a high speed connection.

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I'm writing one for my college paper. Does this sound right?

"After more than 20 years of being relegated to smaller appearances in other Nintendo games, the popular angel Pit returns in his own title “Kid Icarus: Uprising” for the Nintendo 3DS."

He was in Tetris in 1989, F1 Race in 1991, but then it isn't until 2001 he appears Super Smash Bros. Melee, then 2005 in Wario Ware Twisted...then 2007 in Wario Ware Smooth Moves, then 2008 in Brawl of course. So is it right for me to say that he was relegated to smaller appearances for more than 20 years?

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In the original, he's using a bow and arrow and making his way through the stage at a mild pace. Now he's using a gun-type weapon and it's a frenetic third person shooter that sometimes is a rail shooter? Do you like the new style?

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@VillainTricks said:

The first party title are great but the 3rd party are a bit disappointing (Note: I dislike Resident Evil). Maybe I'll pick up Sonic Generations or GTA: Chinatown Wars. For now I don't see any games I want coming out in the next few months.

I don't know if you've picked up Sonic Generations yet, but it's very short. It's still fun, and it's close to being a high quality game, but the shortness definitely killed it for me.

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@Ace829 said:

About the battery life, are you sure you can only get an hour and a half of gameplay from a full charge? Either you're not counting the hours right, or you have a defective battery. They should at least last up to 3 hours on the highest settings. That's how long my 3DS' battery lasted before I bought the Power Pak battery. Also, games wise, I've bought Pushmo and Mighty Switch Force and I highly recommend both games. Links Awakening is a great VC game. Also, I would suggest playing the Resident Evil: Revelations demo.

Also, about the web browser, I found it very convenient to use as a GameFAQs "app" of sorts since you don't have to exit out of the game in order to look up walkthroughs and cheat codes so that's a great way to use it.

You are probably right about me miscounting the battery life.

Since I wrote my blog post, I bought Mighty Switch Force and the graphics look very good! The 3D effects are nice but not overdone at the same time. The main character in Mighty Switch Force almost reminds me of Mega Man when I look at her.

That is true about the web browser. I definitely did that with Ocarina of Time. I suppose the lack of flash isn't too big of a deal. I mean it is a gaming system, not a laptop or tablet.

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@Sooty said:

Hour and a half? Sounds like you have a faulty battery my friend.

I'm just reading these comments now lol. I've been so busy with graduate school.

Hmm...I think I underestimated the battery life at the time I wrote the blog post. I'll say that maybe I mistyped and it's longer than I thought.

Also, I underestimated the loudness of the sound. It's quite crisp and clear without headphones. At the time I wrote the post, I had played the 3DS mostly when I was outside around people. Headphones definitely make the experience better though.

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Windows 8 is looking like it will be a giant failure. It's completely banking on everyone switching to touch screen devices and I don't think that's fair to those who still prefer laptops.

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@TentPole said:

Isn't that when you would want 3D the most?

In the behind the shoulder view? Yeah, that's what I was thinking. That's why I was so confused. I thought about asking the attendant why the effects turned off, but I didn't.

But this is just the GDC version as I said, so maybe this will change.