Choice quotes from Ice-T's book...

"Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption-from South Central to Hollywood"

Two nights ago, I finished reading Ice-T's book of memoirs and only just realized the impact his music career was on artists like Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., the two rappers whose music I grew up listening to the most in my "rebellious" years, and grew an admiration for the man and less so ironically admire him for his tweets and the possibility that he may appear on our beloved Bombcast. As you might have hoped, he does mention a few video games here and there:

The record had been out for a whole year; it was on Body Count’s debut album. But we’d performed “Cop Killer” a full year before that on the Lollapalooza Tour. That made the song—if not the record—about two years old. The album came out, was selling well, and all of a sudden this organization called CLEAT (Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas) started calling for people to boycott Time Warner and get “Cop Killer” removed from stores. Other police groups soon joined them, railing about the record. I’ll never forget the moment. I was at home playing a video game called Tecmo-Bowl with four of my boys when Sean E. Sean called me.  

Once you've tested the fire, you become very comfortable with the calm. These days, I’m in a quiet zone. I prefer staying in the crib, eating at my own table, chilling with my wife. The only blood and mayhem comes when I’m playing Xbox. Call of Duty. Red Dead Redemption. I can play that shit all day long. I love gaming so much. Last year I was even asked to voice the character Griffin in this dope-ass third-person shooter game called Gears of War 3.

And before he records a Bombcast with our beloved Vinny, he's got to blow off this mindset!

One thing I learned about Italians. They’re hot-blooded. Proud as hell. Easy to rile up. But they also respect the fact that you’ll stand up for yourself. By the rest of the shows in Italy, the whole story had reversed and all the Italians I met told me, “Look, Ice, we apologize for Milan.”

Anyway, just so I don't give it all away, always keep this in mind IN REAL LIFE and in video games, which is just as effective, surprisingly. Serious business, guys.


(It was in all caps in the book)