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My mainstays for now are:

  • The second form of the fire fox thing
  • Wartortle
  • Pikachu
  • The second form of that bird that isn't Pidgeotto but has a fire attack
  • Pancham
  • The grass-type that kinda looks like a llama covered in leaves

They're all in the level 15-22 range, with the fire fox being the highest. And yes, I don't know the names of them. I could just open up my 3DS since it is right next to me, but these new pokemans are nothing but tools to me, man. Wartortle and me though, we go way back.

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I watch all I can. Though I typically have Worth Something, Quick Look Solos (and sometimes regular Quick Looks) and Coffee Time relegated to background noise and not really take anything in while they're playing.

Podcast-wise, only the Giant Bombcast is something I actually pay attention to, but still "listen" to everything offered (which includes Bombin' in the AM).

For reading, I just read Guns of Navarro, but that's been gone for quite awhile now. If some news article has too vague a title, then I'll skim whatever's in there for any information relevant to me then leave.

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Doubt it.

₲฿ is all about dat paper.

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Aww, Chris Plante's got such an adorable little voice. How could you not love that little guy. He's like Jeff Gerstmann's little brother trying to be cool and hang with the big guys.

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Dem SFM animators

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What I'm doing is noting which DLC, that were released this year, that I really enjoyed this year in the description field but not including them in my actual Game of the Year list since it'll have to be me adding a title that didn't release the same year of the list. So Mass Effect 3's "Citadel" DLC and Civilization V's "Brave New World," as much as it pains me, will not cross the line. Whatever my top game of the year is really the only one that matters to me anyway. How the rest are ordered or mentioned just becomes some sort of half-remembered truths or particulars that decide how they're ordered.

Games in beta or games that I've played this year that were not released this year have no chance of entering that list as they aren't "completed" products (regarding beta games, early access, whatever) to me, and I typically don't buy into those things unless word of mouth reaches me. With Minecraft, I had just forgotten by the time it was "really" released, but had I remembered, I'd just lump in the memories I had with the game before then as my judgement for whatever appropriate list its release date corresponds with.

With games that were ported to a platform of my choice that previously did not have it, I'll lump it in there. If it's a substantial port of a game I've already played on another platform previously, it depends on how much content was added to it (ex: Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden). If there's enough, I'll definitely consider it for Game of the Year. Persona 4 with so many improvements and just a lot of everything, hard not to really fall in love with that game again.

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Yup, the idea of starting a thread pointing this out has crossed my mind many a time, and he isn't the only one guilty of it. Jeff has said it a few times, too, usually after when Brad speaks his mind on something. It also bothers me when he says something is "the best/worst" when he noted his dislike/hatred for that phrase sometime before E3 happened. I remember Stepto, former Microsoft man, saying something was "the best" during an E3 stream and me trying to gauge Brad's reaction to it (which was blank, I'd guess).

But whatever, can't do anything about it, except think about how many times he does say it. Which is a lot, and now it's probably going to bother people into paying attention to it more.

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Fuck that.

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I hope Klavier Gavin doesn't show up again either. That guy was more secretive than antagonistic (a trait which I think marks a good prosecutor you kinda love to hate), and beating him in court wasn't satisfying at all. He pretty much walked you through everything as far as I remember. It was a nice change, sure, less cartoonish I suppose, but I kinda want it to be a near single-minded character that just cares about winning. That or just very pushy or eccentric like Godot.

I just played through the demo right now and was a little surprised that it was so short. They know everyone wants more, and I can't wait to play it with a FAQ near me just in case.

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@rjayb89 said:

Man, seeing the amount of upcoming premium stuff makes not having a premium subscription look so shitty. The day they come up with a regularly scheduled free live show (that isn't just two dudes just talking to each other) is the day I resubscribe (mine was supposed to have run out a few days ago).

Jesus Christ, Giant Bomb. Are the meetings you guys go to forcing you to do nothing but premium live streams?

the day they make a free show is the day you start paying? wtf is wrong with your brain?? that'll show Giant Bomb. keep holding your money hostage...i guess?

I know what these motherfuckers are capable of, that much should be known considering I have a subscription still active for whatever reason. What passes me by is how do people, people who just happen across their content on YouTube or some person who hears of Giant Bomb on the radio first (somehow), who don't know what can happen on a live stream, which I think are their best pieces of entertainment in how unhinged and unlike the rest of their output can be, what's going to push them over the edge and not make them seem like people who just pick up a game for the first time and stumble over it, and never come back?

With how little chance that a playing-video-games live stream will be uploaded to YouTube for archive purposes, why not make another one of those chances be something from a live show? Out of the few comments I've seen on YouTube when the video player here is being busted as fuck, they're calling out these guys on being immensely inept and jaded as fuck for a feature called a "Quick Look." It is called a "Quick" look after all, so you just have to hope that these guys can pull through and pull some random guy in with something even remotely entertaining. That ArmA III Quick Look took awhile for it to be finally entertaining, but if it were anyone else who didn't know who Giant Bomb is, they would have shut it down in a heartbeat because it was immensely boring for 75% of length or so.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll drop money for these guys soon. Ain't no rjayb89 Giant Bomb shutdown here, I love these guys. These guys are the only people who output anything worth entertaining here on the video game side, but I do worry for them. And from the other side, this site can seem pretty by-the-numbers, but I know what they're capable of.

I've seen it.