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Credit Where Credit's Due: The Giant Bomb Level 1

Much like my first Credit Where Credit's Due of The Giant Bomb Level 2, here is an annotated version of the first Giant Bomb Level made from Giant Bomb Makes Mario. Once again, thanks to @szlifier's for making this possible.

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Full views here and here. Version without the suggestions here and here.

As with the other level, there are a few that might not be the exact suggestion Jeff read from, but I used my best guess when combined with the delay and when he looked at the chat.

Special thanks to @alavapenguin, @biggnife, @yami4ct, @aaron7h, @nonowaii, @ghosthouse, @xhunterpaul, @seinenfeld, @evikull, @butttock, @seanface, @brendanpatrickhennessy, @baddudes, @guillerbro, @knivesout, @dannyglover, @mikelemmer, @pgamel, @dezinus, @ketchupman36, @extragingerbrew, @adamizerr, @lance_mccloud, @afroofdoom, @mollusklingers, @meetthepyro, @jsnebben, @somariman, @gubbin, @stonebones, @silentsandman, @benlaserlove, @random88, @eaxis, @verysexypotato, @tech-noir, @shalkore, @galacticbrofist, @pbalfredo, @muzhik, @tmbaker, @paperlionsa, @evilalfie, @variant3, @the_t, @kevino13, @fujiro, @metalliccookies, @giga, @dorkymohr, @jster57, @orzstar, @ninjason, and @bit_agent for the suggestions that made it into this ridiculous level and to @jeff, @drewbert, @unastrike, and @danryckert for putting it all together. Looking forward to the next level.


Credit Where Credit's Due: The Giant Bomb Level 2

[UPDATE]: You can now find the annotated version for the first Giant Bomb Level over here.

Remember Giant Bomb Makes Mario - Part 02? That was a fun time. And while Dan was at the helm forming the general structure and layout of the stage, it was the Giant Bomb Community that provided many ideas and obstacles that made this level what it is.

Well I recreated the entire level as images and using @szlifier's amazing chat archival system from his website, I pulled just about every suggestion that was used in the making of the level and pasted them all over it providing credit where credit's due.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

You can view the full-size versions by clicking here and here. If you'd also like to view the levels without the suggestions, those can be found here and here.

Now since at times Jeff would either summarize the chat suggestion or not read the usernames, a few of these I had to either assume was the one he read from or use the first suggestion I saw when many were suggesting the same thing. There are also two suggestions ("bob-ombs over police state" and "BOWSER") that I was not able to see in the chat archive which I'm not sure if it was either due to a bug in the chat (the chat archive pauses for about five minutes for some reason) or my own inability as the chat just scrolled way too fast. If you happen to know the user or are knowingly the user that gave either suggestion, let me know so I can update the image.

Huge thanks to @jeff, @danryckert, @drewbert, @unastrike, @patrickklepek, @szlifier, @helluva, @evilkatarn, @soapy86, @ceraneon, @karwowski, @aiasdair, @dfl017, @zeld, @sunspark, @agemyth, @eddiemunstr, @alavapenguin, @rirse, @kibles, @nameless2000, @charoncaori, @raxahax, @jeremyspittle, @mynameisgabriel, @mikers, @theblue, @ketchupp, @steven, @dezinus, @crispy, @garbageforlunch, @wikmalm, @ketchupman36, @deusoma, @demigodraven, @sleeky3k, @frenchfriedfool, @moonwalksa, @alternidev, @viqor, @lysandus, @yami4ct, @edreedfan20, @armosis, @rocketbrah, @brainboy, @hemirobo, and the rest of the Giant Bomb Community for making all of this possible and for making a fun game even more fun.


I just spent over two hours virtually cleaning (My time with Viscera Cleanup Detail)

I just spent over two hours virtually cleaning a virtual space station that as of right now doesn't really give you any virtual reward besides a feeling of a virtual job well done.

I purchased Viscera Cleanup Detail after watching Vinny and Brad's Unfinished video and learning that it was only $7.99. I immediately booted up the game, started playing an episode of the Bombcast on my phone and began the arduous task of intricately scrubbing to the finest detail in the not-Dead Space lab you see in the video. Cleaning up every single blood stain, moving buckets and baskets to and fro, picking up every single bullet shell and body part I saw. Nothing but this for over two hours.

And I loved every minute of it.

I didn't take any "before" screenshots of the lab, so just watch the video if you'd like to see a comparison of how the map starts.

Everything. The entire lab to my eyes: Now spotless. Buckets were spilled, giblets were scattered, a few things accidentally broken due to physics-mishaps, but I took the time to make sure everything was nice and tidy for people to begin working here again or for another hero to show up and ruin everything again or whatever the hell was going to happen afterwards. And what do I get after I feel confident from my hard work and punch-out?

No Caption Provided

Some pieces of paper telling me I "missed a few spots".

Was I angry? Not at all. Saddened? Maybe a tiny bit, but not really. I actually still felt pretty good. I mean, I couldn't really blame the game. I didn't know until after the fact that the gun you see in the Unfinished video is actually a welding gun meant to fix/cover bullet holes and I had completely forgot about using the sniffing tool (the MuckGyver) to try and find anything I might've missed. Nonetheless, I came in to the game knowing there wasn't going to be some grand reward at the end, a new mode to unlock, an ending to see. That's kind of expected of an Early Access game, but unregardless of that, to knowingly sink two hours in a video game, a video game where you do nothing but SLOWLY CLEAN, many people might say that's silly or even insane. And I'd probably agree. But for reasons I wish I could explain, it was just so much fun. If you have even the slightest interest in this game, I highly recommend buying it and trying it right now (or when you have a fair bit of time to kill). And if you think this game is a dumb idea and hate it, well that's fine too and I can't really blame you for thinking that. You're not entirely wrong. As for me though, I'll be getting my virtual mop ready for my next virtual game location to virtually clean. Virtually.

(As a post-note to all this, the multiplayer is currently pretty borked, but when it does become more stable or when the full version gets released I would love to virtually clean with my fellow virtual Giant Bomb duders as I'm sure others would too. If you'd be interested in becoming a VinnCo Cleaning Service member, let it be known and let's figure this out down the line.)


Giant Bomb Bingo

Here's the short version:

Now you can play Bingo while watching a Giant Bomb livestream!

Have that site open in another tab/window and click on each square as it occurs during the show. Join the chat for the chance to yell "BINGO". There's no prize involved though. At least not from me. Unfortunately I have nothing to offer.

And now the long version:

It started with BigDaddyTool making a bingo card image for the Bombcast. I decided to turn this as well as other suggestions from that thread into a site that produces random spaces thus creating Bombcast Bingo.

While watching Unprofessional Fridays live, I had the random thought of altering Bombcast Bingo so it fits with the various happenings of during your usual Giant Bomb live show.

So I did. I did just that.

Just a goofy thing to do as you enjoy your live Giant Bomb content. Rope your friends to play along and have a competition. Talk other people in the chat to do the same. Whatever. It's all in silly fun.

Now here's where I need your help.

I actually drew a blank on coming up with spaces for the Bingo card. I came up with enough to fill the card and then maybe five extra. I would like to add more, but quite frankly I'm stumped. Please, if you have any suggestions, let me know, post them here.

I'm also considering making special Bingo cards/websites for the E3 Bombcasts and the Daily DOTA. If you have any ideas what the cards for those would look like, share those as well.


Hey, Remember This? Vol. 1: Eyedentify

So this is the first of something that may or may not become a series of sorts. If it isn't obvious from the title, I'll try to have this series be about generally forgotten video game-related things. Of course nothing is truly forgotten, so you'll have to forgive me if I cover something not quite "obscure" enough.


Hey, remember Eyedentify? Eyedentify was announced back in E3 2005 and was going to be released for the PlayStation 3 where you personally would be the guide for two female operatives aiding them in a variety of missions. This all would've been accomplished with the use of a headset and an EyeToy. No, not a PlayStation Eye. An EyeToy. I know. Kind of weird, right? So with those two accessories you would not only give voice commands to these virtual ladies, but actually truly interact and converse with them from waving hello to laughing at one of their jokes.

Of course, this game was cancelled and never heard of again beyond the initial announcement back in 2005. I can think of two possible reasons for this:

  1. The technology didn't actually work. At all.
  2. This is actually a boring concept for a game and is not fun to play.

When you read that opening paragraph again, reason number one becomes pretty self-explanatory. But I'm going to explain it anyway. Because I can.

They wanted to have an interactive-AI game using a headset and an EyeToy. In 2005. For even further explanation, let's look at something similar that is a little more recent: Milo and Kate. A quick refresher for this title: This was going to be an Xbox 360 release for the Kinect where you would interact with a British child and his dog, maybe. This was also cancelled which may have been due to two reasons:

  1. The technology didn't oh wait I've already said this
Hey, Milo. Who do you think is the best rapper out of the Wu-Tang Clan?
Hey, Milo. Who do you think is the best rapper out of the Wu-Tang Clan?

In any case, my point here being that Milo and Kate was going to be for the Kinect. The Kinect. A pretty remarkable piece of hardware, if you ask me (though no game has actually yet to wow the world with other than some neat little sports and dance games). The 360 itself is also a nifty thing. If these two things combined couldn't handle some proper conversational AI tied with voice- and face-recognition to have something meaningful beyond just inane ramblings to a screen, then well alright I think you see where I'm getting at.

So... do you like Pikachu?
So... do you like Pikachu?

And then there's the conceptual idea for the game. Let's again look at two similar titles, this time at games that actually saw a release: Seaman and Hey You, Pikachu. While not quite an engaging experience as either Eyedentify or Milo and Kate promised, they still had the same basic idea. Were these games well-received? Well actually Seaman was sort of, but more so as a technological feat. Though in the case of Hey You, Pikachu, absolutely not. Even then neither title held the player's attention for more than a day or two, maybe a week at most. Sure, Eyedentify would've had more than just virtual interaction with its more-than-likely-scripted missions, but after that it looks like all it had left was a video conference call with the two agents where you would shoot the breeze. Would people really be willing to pay $60 for a digital companion they can talk to? I can see it being fun for about a day and then to show off to friends and family, but there's no way it'll be a long-lasting game you would want to return to. Hell, most Animal Crossing players never return to their towns after a few days of negligence and all they have is a weed-littered ghost town waiting for them.

How much do people really want to talk to these two ladies?
How much do people really want to talk to these two ladies?

Will we ever see a "virtual friend" game in the next generation? I doubt it, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone once again tried to make one and I definitely wouldn't be disappointed if the game is surprisingly a hit and everyone loves it. I'm not saying I want a game like that to come out, but this is also a scenario where I wouldn't mind being proven wrong. How about you? Would you purchase Eyedentify if it ever came out? And this is "purchase", not "play". I'm sure most any of us would play anything if given the chance. How about purchasing Milo and Kate? Any fond (or not so fond) memories of Seaman and/or Hey You, Pikachu? Please leave a comment below and let us all know. If you would like to know a little more about Eyedentify, you can check out this preview article over on Gamespot that was written by our very own Matthew Rorie. Thanks for reading.

I'm also open to constructive criticism about this feature. I isn't a very good writing person, so any advice and thoughts are more than welcome. Again, thank you for reading and I hope you'll stick around for the next time I do this.

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Ryan and The Freaky Ninjas

Was watching the Mortal Kombat II/Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 TNT and Ryan said in response to a question about politically incorrect characters:

"Like, MK doesn't really have that issue. They're just weird, for the most part. Everyone's just freaky. Or ninjas. Or freaky Ninjas. My new ska-funk band, The Freaky Ninjas. You guys got a flyer for that that yet? We got a show coming up. Totally come and check us out."

So naturally, I made this:

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You should totally go and check them out.

Load Up a Random Giant Bomb Video/Bombcast!

[NOTE: Yes, I already have a thread about this. This blog post is simply for ease of find and use. In other words, this is for you, tiwi.]
Have some spare time? Feel like watching one of the hundreds of fantastic videos has to offer? Don't feel like shifting through their huge archive to find something? Do you like art? Then these links are for you!
Use these here links to have a random video/Bombcast from load up before you! Each one are automagically updated with each new video uploaded into their respective categories, and I'll be adding a new link with each new video series they create! 

Random Quick Look
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If you run into any problems, let me know and I'll get to fixing it as soon as I can! Happy viewing!