Dave: Quick Look Start to Death Time

 Not even Jimmys can protect you from
 Not even Jimmys can protect you from "pullin' a Brad!"
Ya know, Brad isn't the only one who " pulls a Brad" during Quick Looks, and we give him a lot of flak for it. Inspired by Mustard's amazing list, I decided to compile lists for all the other Giant Bombers "Start to Death" times in Quick Looks, this one being for Dave!

"Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed between the start of the Quick Look, and Dave dying, regardless of the method. Also, I kept track of not only the time of death, but also the Death Count to list how many times they died during the Quick Look.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had fun putting it all together! And remember, "It's tougher to play and talk at the same time, than you think."

Links to the other Quick Look Start to Death Time Lists:
Brad - Jeff - Ryan - Vinny - Drew - Sean - Andy - Mike - Jared

Dave's Total Quick Looks Ran: 30

List items

  • Start to Death - 1:12<br>

    Cause - Hit upside the head with a mace<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Perhaps if you weren't holding your spear over your head like an idiot.

  • <a href="http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-game-room-for-092210/17-3268/" target="_blank"><b>(for 09/22/2010</b></a><br>

    Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 14:29<br>

    Start (from beginning of Dave's turn) to Death - 1:46<br>

    Cause - Cornered and beaten with a stick by Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Galactic Warriors - 4

  • Start to Death - 1:53<br>

    Cause - Airplane bullets<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    A very quick death for a very quick look.

  • Start to Death - 5:07<br>

    Cause - Got shot the eff up in space<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    At least he went down beautifully accompanied with glorious piano music.

  • Start to Death - 5:11<br>

    Cause - Maced by a Hurlock<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    I only counted deaths being if the character your currently controlling dies.

  • Start to Death - 5:30<br>

    Cause - Train derailment due to player collision/Vinny<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Well, <i>someone</i> had to die from that.

  • Start to Death - 6:34<br>

    Cause - Giant spiders<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Dave died on purpose here. Well, the first time anyway. And the last time.

  • Start to Death - 8:10<br>

    Cause - Shot at by Defense Tower<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    On the brightside, Dave killed another guy before he went down.

  • Start to Death - 8:15<br>

    Cause - Shot by another plane<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    I'm sorry, I was too mesmerized by the echo to notice most of what was going on.

  • Start to Death - 8:25<br>

    Cause - Burned to death by Arben Ghost<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    The only thing worse than dying is dying on the first quest. And the only thing worse than dying on the first quest is dying on the first quest at ten frames per second.

  • Start to Death - 9:13<br>

    Cause - Shot down by enemy plane he just couldn't find<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Should've kept doing the Christopher Walken voice. Nothing kills Christopher Walken. Especially not bots.

  • Start to Death - 11:40<br>

    Cause - Shot by a guy who was skillfully laying down on the ground<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Dave's first Quick Look! Complete with an embarrassingly hilarious almost-death at 8:08. Good job, Dave!

  • Start to Death - 12:45<br>

    Cause - Blasted while reloading<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Dave got smoked! And I don't even know from what!

  • Start to Death - 19:49<br>

    Cause - Shot by the commando-rolling monster<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    So Dave died earlier in the Quick Look from falling off a ladder, but, as Vinny put it, since it was during a flashback thing, he didn't actually die.

  • Start to Death - 22:24<br>

    Cause - Shot by Bandits<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Going out in a blaze of glory. And by "blaze of glory", I mean running around with a knife. Thank goodness for that lean.

  • Start to Death - 26:46<br>

    Cause - Life sucked out by Boss Ogg<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Poor Lady Death. Never stood a chance.

  • Start to Death - 52:14<br>

    Cause - Brad<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    I still say Brad cheated by pausing.