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Ryan: Quick Look Start to Death Time

No night vision goggles required for
No night vision goggles required for "pullin' a Brad."
Ya know, Brad isn't the only one who " pulls a Brad" during Quick Looks, and we give him a lot of flak for it. Inspired by Mustard's amazing list, I decided to compile lists for all the other Giant Bombers' "Start to Death" times in Quick Looks, this one being for Ryan!

"Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed between the start of the Quick Look, and Ryan dying, regardless of the method. Occasionally, there will be two times listed, the reason being written in the description for the game. Also, I kept track of not only the time of death, but also the Death Count to list how many times they died during the Quick Look.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had fun putting it all together! And remember, "It's tougher to play and talk at the same time, than you think."

Links to the other Quick Look Start to Death Time Lists:
Brad - Jeff - Vinny - Dave - Drew - Sean - Andy - Mike - Will - Alex - Jared

Ryan's Total Quick Looks Ran: 243

List items

  • <b><a href="">(Multiplayer Demo)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 0:12<br>

    Cause - Predatorized<br>

    Death Count - 36<p>

    Alright, I'm calling it: Quickest "pullin' a Brad" that will ever be done. This will not be beaten.<br>

    <i>[EDIT 4/1/2010]:</i> I was <a href="" target="_blank">wrong</a>.

  • Start to Death - 0:39<br>

    Cause - Ran right into the not-Qix<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Fastest three lives spent too.

  • Start to Death - 1:10<br>

    Cause - Hit by a Pooka on the first stage of Dig-Dug<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    What is wrong with Ryan, indeed! C'mon. Who dies on the first stage of Dig-Dug?

  • Start to Death - 1:20<br>

    Cause - Shot by Franco. Flex, Sal, and Maxwell the dog definitely weren't helping either<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Ryan got shivved. He got shivved and then shanked. And then he got shot. And then he died. But before all that, he got mauled by a dog.

  • Start to Death - 1:31<br>

    Cause - Fell on spikes<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    Should've hugged that Blob more.

  • Start to Death - 1:54<br>

    Cause - Shot by... Brad? I'm going to say Brad killed him<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Brad shot first.

  • Start to Death - 1:56<br>

    Cause - Fell too hard into the ground<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    Remember: The enemy is down.

  • Start to Death - 2:04<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Jeff demanded satisfaction from Ryan! He didn't ask for it, he demanded it! And so did Brad.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 23:40<br>

    Start (from beginning of Ryan's turn) to Death - 2:20<br>

    Cause - Chain-chomp'd from chasing a Star<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    The worst Mario play he's ever fucking done, according to Ryan.

  • Start to Death - 2:29<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 14<p>

    Not even Miguel's pimp coat could save Ryan from Jeff's mad Hwoarang skills.

  • Start to Death - 2:37<br>

    Cause - Taken down by light spider thing<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    I always gave different rulings about being resurrected after death for these lists, but these just seem like death deaths. ...Whatever that means.

  • Start to Death - 2:45<br>

    Cause - The stairs. No one ever makes it their first time. Or third or fifth time<br>

    Death Count - 13<p>

    Now I wasn't sure whether to count these as deaths at all. CommanderVideo never really dies, just launched back to the beginning. Nonetheless, I'll add it here just in case. Also, someone should do something about Vinny's pregnancy.

  • Start to Death - 2:55<br>

    Cause - Fragged by Red Bomberman's Dangerous Bomb<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    This game is Bomberman as hell.

  • Start to Death - 3:10<br>

    Cause - He exploded<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Today's Lesson: Never play co-op with Ryan.

  • Start to Death - 3:15<br>

    Cause - Hit by an acid ball shot from a giant insect<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Apparently, all players share the same life bar, so Ryan and Jeff died together. But they died together <i>IN 3D</i>! Unimpressive 3D, but <i>3D nonetheless</i>!

  • Start to Death - 3:20<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Distortion Finished.

  • Start to Death - 3:21<br>

    Cause - Blasted by a rock from the giant rock turtle<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Should've asked Jimmy Treasure for help. Luckily, Vinny is just as good.

  • Start to Death - 3:24<br>

    Cause - Couldn't see and walked into hot stuff<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    You may be killing hundreds, if not thousands of Swarmites in this game, but I count a death as losing all of your Swarmites in a level. It just makes more sense and makes my life easier.

  • Start to Death - 3:30<br>

    Cause - Vinny and the Golden Gun<br>

    Death Count - 25<p>

    Not only was it a Golden Gun, but it was an inverted-controlled Golden Gun. Humiliating!

  • Start to Death - 3:54<br>

    Cause - Shot by Policeman. Also, he was on the wrong side of cover<br>

    Death Count - 15<p>

    Yeah, get inside that woman's body.

  • Start to Death - 4:09<br>

    Cause - Killed by a hopping butterfly robot<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Tough game back then. Tough game now.

  • Start to Death - 4:09<br>

    Cause - Mr. Game & Watch Clown got eated by a shark<br>

    Death Count - 15<p>

    Eaten by a shark, eh? Yep, sounds like a death to me.

  • <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Beta)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 4:11<br>

    Cause - Shot by a SVD Battle rifle wielded by jonathanXBF<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    That's a pretty bad hang. Oh well, this is just a beeta.

  • Start to Death - 4:25<br>

    Cause - He bailed<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    He uh... he turned into tiny balls upon hitting the ground... Yeah, I'ma call that a death...

  • <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Beta)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 4:36<br>

    Cause - Fan kill by cartwit<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    This seems really, really, really cool. ...That's it. Nothing clever.<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 24:13<br>

    Cause - Assassinated by DoneDoor2<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    'Ey, whatsa matta you!

  • Start to Death - 4:43<br>

    Cause - Got ran into by a one-eyed, one-horned... thing<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    And it turned out that the guitar wasn't broken. Ryan simply misread the controls.

  • Start to Death - 4:47<br>

    Cause - Shotgun trap<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    There are shotguns, and there are traps. And then there are shotgun traps. ...Seriously, what the hell?

  • Start to Death - 4:56<br>

    Cause - Fire blasted by Pyro<br>

    Death Count - 12<p>


  • <b><a href="">(Multiplayer)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 5:03<br>

    Cause - Shot by Nathaniel Drake<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Nothing interesting to say about this death, however there is a totally awesome and freakin' hilarious freakout by Ryan and Vinny at the 6:36 mark of the Quick Look.

  • Start to Death - 5:05<br>

    Cause - Jumpkicked by Damnd<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Damn you, Damnd!

  • Start to Death - 5:07<br>

    Cause - Jumped into an enemy<br>

    Death Count - 10<p>

    Yeah, nah, Ryan, this is still a Contra game. You don't want to do that.

  • Start to Death - 5:17<br>

    Cause - Got shot at a bunch<br>

    Death Count - 14<p>

    Ryan was pretty much just standing in one open spot and firing toward the direction where all the bots seemed to be coming from. And that was apparently working out great. Yeah, in other game, that shouldn't have worked.

  • Start to Death - 5:21<br>

    Cause - Jeff (via Ring Out)<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    I know what you're thinking. Yes, this is a fighting game, and yes, he was playing against Jeff. Well, this game still has a health bar in it and he still lost all his health at one point or another. Jeff apparently clipped Ryan through the edge of the arena, which Jeff jumped out as well shortly after.

  • Start to Death - 5:21<br>

    Cause - Set on fire by Bast<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Oh snap! He got burned!

  • Start to Death - 5:27<br>

    Cause - Leashed into spikes<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    I have the sudden urge to go read a book.

  • Start to Death - 5:29<br>

    Cause - Hit the corner of a bus. And not in the way you'd expect<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    Well, if Jeff Gerstmann says "Joe Danger is dead," then Joe Danger is dead.

  • Start to Death - 5:33<br>

    Cause - Shot by a hospital orderly, I guess?<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    I, uh... I have no idea what's going on... Looks pretty though. In a bloody, slashy sort of way.

  • Start to Death - 5:42<br>

    Cause - Hit by enemy<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    The female character: Fast, but low on health, strength, and defense.

  • Start to Death - 11:52<br>

    Cause - Jeff's big plane<br>

    Death Count - 15<p>

    Three planes always beat one big one.<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 11/03/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 5:55<br>

    Cause - Shot by Jeff. In space. In a war<br>

    Death Count - 11<p>

    I pictured Combasteroids being a whole lot better than this.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 15:18<br>

    Start (from beginning of Ryan's turn) to Death - 6:17<br>

    Cause - Killed for no reason, apparently, I guess<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Bleh. Not really digging this game. Can't see much of the appeal.

  • <a href="" target="_blank">(Multiplayer Beta)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 6:18<br>

    Cause - Mortally wounded by Sahil6758, and then finished off by his own grenade<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    I'm going to be completely honest here: I'd really rather be playing Rock Band 3 than typing this out.

  • Start to Death - 6:21<br>

    Cause - Ran over by Cement Man<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Ryan does machines.

  • Start to Death - 6:22<br>

    Cause - Bullet from gun<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    This game has a lot more gun than blade.

  • Start to Death - 7:02<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Technically, this wasn't so much a "death" as it was a "knockout." Eh, it's close enough.

  • Start to Death - 7:21<br>

    Cause - Shot at a bunch<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    That last one, Ryan purposely fell to his death to the end the Quick Look. And we'll never know what Sean was going to say.

  • Start to Death - 7:39<br>

    Cause - The bottom of the screen<br>

    Death Count - 12<p>

    Pure insanity.

  • Start to Death - 7:44<br>

    Cause - Blew himself up by blowing Brad... up<br>

    Death COunt - 15<p>

    I remember car combat games being fun. And by "car combat games", I mean Twisted Metal 2. And by "fun", I mean really fun. ...I guess what I'm saying is I like Twisted Metal.

  • Start to Death - 7:45<br>

    Cause - Slashed by Magi Swordsman (pronounced suh-wor-ds-min)<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Oh god. Vinny, just... what the... ugh... your... guh...

  • Start to Death - 7:46<br>

    Cause - Bomb-Disc'd by ATA0 (Brad)<br>

    Death Count - 19<p>

    If anything, he was distracted by the rocking music.

  • Start to Death - 8:15<br>

    Cause - Hit the top of the screen<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    He did not shimmy sideways until there was room.

  • Start to Death - 8:28<br>

    Cause - Dragon out of nowhere!<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    No one expects the blocky, fire-breathing dragon!

  • Start to Death - 10:48<br>

    Cause - Brad<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    No other place more embarrassing to die in then the bathroom.

  • Start to Death - 10:29<br>

    Cause - Hit by a purple ball<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Damn that, giant robot sphinx.

  • Start to Death - 11:23<br>

    Cause - Ran into the fire<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Fire bad, Ryan. Fire real bad.

  • Start to Death - 11:23<br>

    Cause - Shot by giant robot missile<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Time isn't much of a crisis here. I'd be more worried about the giant vacuum cleaner robot. Giant Vacuum Cleaner Robot Crisis.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 29:36<br>

    Start (from beginning of Ryan's turn) to Death - 11:52<br>

    Cause - Melee'd by an enemy guy, I think<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Jeff initially started this Quick Look and about halfway through, Ryan took over to try out the controls. And here, I'm not sure what killed him. Ryan had 3/4 of his health before losing it all within a second.

  • Start to Death - 12:00<br>

    Cause - Ran out of monster power like half a second before the stage was finished<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    All shall know the wrath of D!

  • Start to Death - 12:31<br>

    Cause - Minigun'd by Kelley<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Yeah... Twisted Metal, this game is not...

  • Start to Death - 13:27<br>

    Cause - Ninja star'd by a wolf... You heard me<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Or maybe he was just playing-- Oh, Ryan beat me to it.

  • Start to Death - 13:43<br>

    Cause - Fell<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Too fast, Ryan! Too fast!

  • Start to Death - 14:12<br>

    Cause - Did not type fast enough<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    You're going to need to raise your WPM before taking this game on.

  • Start to Death - 14:39<br>

    Cause - Jumped on by Blue Monk<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Blue Monk was giving him the business during the first fight. Though, Ryan did pick the harder difficulty.

  • <b><a href="">(Point Lookout)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 15:13<br>

    Cause - Shanked by a Tribal follower<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Ryan was dealing up some damage here. Critical strikes, left and right. Unfortunately, he got careless and failed to notice he was incredibly low on health.

  • Start to Death - 16:09<br>

    Cause - Ran over by Master Chef LeBlog<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    Ryan ain't afraid o' no ghosts!

  • Start to Death - 16:40<br>

    Cause - Missed a jump<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Ryan actually missed a lot of quick-time cutscenes before this, but since the game automatically rewinds after failing them, technically your character never dies from those.

  • Start to Death - 17:08<br>

    Cause - Giga Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    For this game, I count a death as being K.O.'d and losing the match. Yes, you do get knocked down after losing all your health, but you can get back up after enough mashing and regain some health.

  • Start to Death - 17:37<br>

    Cause - Dodoria's Super Breath Cannon<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Unfortunately, you do not win for being the most underwater.

  • <b><a href="">(Indie Games)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 18:13<br>

    Cause - Bird<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    Here, Ryan looks at a multitude of Xbox Live Indie Games. Since the games themeselves don't have their own individual pages (which thank goodness for that), I'm compiling it all under this one. And by "it all," I mean the game "Hydro Electric Worker," the only game that Ryan really dies (or <i>could</i> die) in.

  • Start to Death - 19:46<br>

    Cause - Missed a quick time event<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    And Brad even warned him about it.

  • Start to Death - 19:49<br>

    Cause - Shot by a Jackal<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Poor Ryan kept getting surrounded by those damn Jackals.

  • Start to Death - 19:52<br>

    Cause - Ran up to a T-7 T and got headbutted<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    This one was intentional as Ryan was ending the Quick Look. This was also his second attempt at killing himself in the game, as the first he survived by running circles around a T-7 T.

  • Start to Death - 21:37<br>

    Cause - Yamcha's Neo Wolf Fang Fist<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    My favorite part is when Vinny leaves and Ryan gets angry. And then Brad leaves and more anger.

  • Start to Death - 22:28<br>

    Cause - Fell off a balance board<br>

    Death Count - <p>

    I'm with you, Vinny. I will never understand the appeal of any of this.

  • Start to Death - 22:46<br>

    Cause - Fell off the side of a cliff while in an inner tube. ...You heard me<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>


  • Start to Death - 24:32<br>

    Cause - The little white thing moving back and forth down below<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    They were warned that its touch is as deadly as it gets.

  • Start to Death - 25:06<br>

    Cause - Fell into the river<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Of all the things that could've killed him in the game, the river did him in. Twice.

  • Start to Death - 26:47<br>

    Cause - Intentionally flew into a mountain<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Aw, and I wanted to see him fly into the sun.

  • Start to Death - 27:30<Br>

    Cause - Got gassed by Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Pro Tip: Don't get gassed.

  • Start to Death - 29:19<br>

    Cause - Earth bullets<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Ryan actually went down a few times. Luckily, kissing his fist revives him, apparently.

  • Start to Death - 29:54<br>

    Cause - Crashed into mountain<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Ryan totally rode into the Danger Zone. And then crashed.

  • Start to Death - 30:45<br>

    Cause - A giant bomb<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    That one bear was riding that other bear...<br>









  • Start to Death - 34:07<br>

    Cause - Ran into a hippo<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Again, a purposeful death to end a Quick Look. Technically however, your character doesn't "die." He does go unconscious, gets sent back to the base camp, and wakes up in daze, which is all good enough for me.