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Giant Bomb, make me the greatest SSX soundtrack

Hey guys,

as with a LOT of other duders here on the site I am super excited for the new SSX. One feature that really interests me is the ability to import you own music and have it remixed in the crazy SSX fashion. So after a while of thinking to myself what tracks I should use I decided to use the soundtrack for SSX3 (which is still something I most likely will be doing) then I got to wondering what everyone else will be doing. However, instead of this just becoming a discussion of your favourite music I put a challenge to the Giant Bomb community.

Make me the best/worst SSX soundtrack ever

  • One track per user that you strongly feel fits SSX
  • Please post the title and artist and if possible a link to the song on iTunes, AmazonMP3 or YouTube
  • I will then compile these songs and when the game releases upload them

I feel like this could go in two very different directions but I'm excited either way. Troll me or be legit, either way I will add every song that is posted. Now get thinking about the sickest tunes and get back to me!

EDIT: 05/02/2012 - SSX SOUNDTRACK - 48 Song files / 174 MB - Awesome.