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Ice-T: Final Level PODCAST

If your life is without the amazing experience of the Ice-T FINAL LEVEL Podcast then SORT. IT. OUT.

2 Episodes in and I am more than confident in saying that it is the most enriching edutainment that will ever enter your ears! I can't simply can not contain how amazing this is. Hear him talk about operating systems, Justin Bieber (PUMP THE BREAKS SON!), replacements for the words 'bitch' and 'gay' in order to not be offensive and then hear him sell you fitness apps. Oh and they made it to no.1 on the gaming podcast charts so that 1. Makes it relevant to here and 2. IS AMAZING. SMG REPRESENTIN'!There is even some #RealTalk about online gamers.

There is a whole segment in episode 2 about Ice-T impersonators and somehow a certain a John Vignocchi does not come up. What's that about??!

I listen to a lot of podcasts and it's very easy to follow advertising trends and watch as they overlap in each cast and It's becomes a whole new level of amazing listening to the legend himself advertising these same products that the likes of the GB crew and Garnett Lee have in the past...

I just... I can't. Just... Just Subscribe on iTunes and all that... It's amazing, you are missing out. 10/10

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