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This Year Collection - Recapping The Best Podcast (Appreciation)

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What is This Year?

At This Year our mission statement is to produce summaries ("best-ofs" or highlights) of the best podcasts available on the internet. By selecting the funniest and most insightful moments of each episode and packaging it together in one easily digestible format we provide a succinct and fun way of listening to old shows. Typically we'll do yearly recaps -- that is, recaps of an entire year's worth of episodes -- but for podcasts with daily episodes This Year releases monthly recaps.

Why is this being done?

I (host and editor Matthew Floratis) undertook this endeavor for my own personal use. I wanted to cut through each episode and save all the parts I thought were the best so it wouldn't be necessary to listen through hours of material. That's not to say listening through hours of great shows is an arduous task -- it's just that sometimes you want to get only the big beats and the highlights. It occurred to me that others would probably like to hear the product of my work, and I hope that you can get as much joy out of these shows as I do.

I recently discovered This Year a couple of weeks ago just before I started moving flats and I have to say it did a huge part in keeping me sane over the weeks that I had little to no access to the internet or even electricity at times. Matthew Floratis (Who also writes for Whiskey Media's does a fantastic job editing together a years podcast into an amazing 6-8 hours, he also takes a great effort to add his own introductions that give context along with helpful summaries and time-stamps on his blog. All the greatest parts of my favourite podcasts allow to take a crazy trip down memory lane, It was fantastic to listen to the last few years of the Hotspot and 1UP Yours and remember everything I was thinking, feeling and what was going on in my life. It was so amusing to hear the members of Gamespot and 1UP speculate about the future of gaming and wether Duke Nukem Forever would ever see the light of day.

I also recently wrote a blog about how he was holding a vote for his next project and the first years of the Bombcast and Arrow Pointing Down were in the running, however this was slightly beating by GFWL Podcast (which I shall enjoy listening to for the first time to see how the experience differs). It has since said that the Bombcast will get the This Year treatment and I personally cannot wait to start listening to all the old gags once again.

Keep on keeping dude. I hope you somehow find this and know that your work is REALLY appreciated! As for everyone else get showing your support and enjoy some good old fashion Gerstmann talk some shit about Manhunt 2!

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Edit: Ah he also has an account here on Giant Bomb ya'll should follow him.