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GOTY 2015

What a season. What. A. Season.

So many games didn't make my list this year but shoutouts to Galak-Z, Grow Home, OlliOlli2, Snakebird, Flywrench, MKX & SWBattlefront. All games I had a blast with!

List items

  • This viDEO GAME! Maybe it's not a 'true Metal Gear' game and maybe it REALLY undelivered on the story (but if I'm honest I was done with the MGS story after 4) BUT this shit is basically Far Cry 2-2. Grenades roll down hill! Weakest of the MGS games in terms of story but SOOOOOO the best in terms of gameplay. I kept going back for me and it all felt SO good, I could clear bases for DAYS and ended up with over 150 hours sunk into the loop of this game. It's a horrible thought that swims about in my head but if Konami released another game with 30 odd missions with the same gameplay I'd be ALL over it despite how they treated Kojima and team--because I am a monster and I enjoyed playing this game SO DAMN MUCH. It had it's moments in the story - some characters I love... DD is amazing. Overall, crazy game - will stick with me for a long time.

  • GOF - Holy crap... Just a great package that really nails making your own Mario. It's the typical phrase used with this game but if I could take one game back to my younger self it would be this and I would explode... If Making Marios was my full time job then I'd be able to free the world from Dan's hellscape of terrible design... The Ryckoning, for as terrible and awful as it was, was a perfect encapsulation of what makes this game so amazing. Will have a long life and I can't wait to watch it grow.

  • Undertale is retro throwback JRPG that was very clearly and proudly developed in 2015. It takes JRPG tropes flips and plays with them to ultimately make a game that is wonderful to anyone with or without JRPG nostalgia. It plays with Internet humor that goes far and above 'lol memes random' and results in a humor not unlike the Mario & Luigi RPGs. It has such wonderfully satisfying endings. It's short, worth replaying has the best music of the year. Great characters and awesome mechanics that both keep evolving through-out the game. Just love it.

  • I'm a kid now, I'm a squid now! Splatfests! Updates! Buckets! Music! Art! Miiverse! Styyyylee! Fashion! New THING from Nintendo! AHHH! This was the year of online multiplayer and Splatoon lead the charge with a team based shooter that had me hooked and coming back over and over.

  • What a multiplayer riot with & without a party of friends! I don't love football/soccer and I don't love cars but smash them together and I LOVE Rocket League. I see myself continuing to play this well into next year and beyond. There's HOCKEY IN IT NOW?!

  • Worthy follow up to one of the all time greats. Fun new mechanics. Even better soundtrack. Cranked everything up and didn't stop until the fantastic conclusion.

  • GUNBOOTS! One of them roguelikelikelikes that got me smashing my fist into my face and coming back for more every damn death!

  • YEAH FUCKING RAD -- This game is JOY PURE PLATINUM AMAZING BADASS CHARACTER ACTION FEATURING THOSE TRANSFORMERS YOU LOVE FROM THE 90s!! Everything I was hoping for in Korra -- a perfect use of a license tied with Platinums amazing video game making skills. Add in a loot system into their perfected character action formula and you have me HOOKED... Still jump into this game and grind out challenges and have a blast doing it! LOOK AT THIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ge924G33jc

  • It was big and bombastic and while bigger does not always equal better it's sure was a fun ride. I ended up 100%ing the game and it's kinda nuts that it ONLY made the top10 list this year but I guess that's maybe more of a reflection of how much of an insane year this was was baller-ass games. I didn't hate the batmobile in the end and as always the combat was/is PURE BLISS

  • Dumb fun. Easy switch off and blow up shit game. Wingsuit is cool AF. Loading times are killer. BYOF. Mayhem sandbox power fantasy fun in a gorgeous open world. Although this is number 10 on my list it's still a GOOD game. What a year...



  • BONUS 3: OH HEY IT'S OUT - This is the GOAT - I followed this game thru Early Access and the live dev streams but I every time I play it I don't give it my all - just check in with what's new and have fun messing around. When it surprise launched on PS and Steam it was time to deep dive. What a TREAT! Everything I've messed around with all started to fall into place and I've reach and destroyed the Throne multiple times and there is SO much more to do! It's got it's hooks into me deep, already sunk 20 hours on console, and It'll be around for a long time! The music is just MMMMMMMM it's good. ALSO made in GameMaker so I am biased #collusion


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Good list! Metal Gear?!

You know, I do wish I had played Splatoon. More than that server test, I mean. Seems like people liked it quite a bit. I blame the controller.

Also, happy to see I'm not the only person that liked Arkham Knight. Between all the tech issues with the PC version, and the stuff I've seen people online say about the game, I had been starting to think I was the only person who liked that game!

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rmanthorp  Moderator

@mooseymcman: Yeah! Splatoon is RAD! It's really the game I wish I'd played more this year despite playing quite a lot of it... I'll definitely be going back next year. Oh and Batman, yeah, it seemed to just fad away which is a shame... I don't see it coming up in GBs GOTY at all and that's rough because there is a great game under all the mess. It really had it moments and the Stealth/Combat gameplay sections are still wonderful!

Thanks :D

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Great list! Seems like we have a lot of similar favorites. I'm kind of in the same boat in that I was done with the Metal Gear Solid story after 4, so it was nice to play a MGS game in which the mechanics shine more so than the story.