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Oh god, effin Darksiders

So I have played the original Darksiders on the 360 for the last couple of weeks and I was trucking along nicely until stumbling upon a gamebreaking bug late in the game. You get a portal gun in the game and it is used to solve different puzzles. All of a sudden, I just can't equip it anymore. Just out of the blue. And the game, of course, has auto-saved so I'm stuck. I don't have any manual saves, because the game checkpoints you nicely (until now I guess).

Now I can't finish the game. I have no urge to play the sequel now. Upon researching the issue online (can't find anyone with the same bug) I found dozens and dozens of people reporting different gamebreaking bugs for both 360 and PC.

Two letters Vigil and THQ: QA.

Q mutherfucking A.

(just had to vent my frustrations somewhere)


The most awesome bugs and glitches ever?

You might wonder why I called you all here today. It is to adress the question of which game has the most amazing bugs and glitches ever?

Now some of you might quickly point to the Elder Scrolls series. PFFFFFFFFFFF I say, not even close.

What's that? GTA? No, no, no, no, NO!

The answer should be self-evident and is embedded below. The Skate series from EA of course!

You are welcome.