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Oh god, effin Darksiders

So I have played the original Darksiders on the 360 for the last couple of weeks and I was trucking along nicely until stumbling upon a gamebreaking bug late in the game. You get a portal gun in the game and it is used to solve different puzzles. All of a sudden, I just can't equip it anymore. Just out of the blue. And the game, of course, has auto-saved so I'm stuck. I don't have any manual saves, because the game checkpoints you nicely (until now I guess).

Now I can't finish the game. I have no urge to play the sequel now. Upon researching the issue online (can't find anyone with the same bug) I found dozens and dozens of people reporting different gamebreaking bugs for both 360 and PC.

Two letters Vigil and THQ: QA.

Q mutherfucking A.

(just had to vent my frustrations somewhere)