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Rockdalf's Top 10: 2010

This is my Top 10: 2010 list.  Seeing as I'm not a video game reviewer, I'm including games that I experienced for the first time in 2010, not only games that are released in 2010.  Some games didn't make the cut, simply because I've yet to get around to them (Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption I'm looking at you).

List items

  • Finally got a gaming PC this fall and the first thing I wanted to try out was that Team Fortress 2 everyone has been talking about. Fast forward a few months to the end of this year and I've only put damn near 200 hours into this game (no idling!). In short, addicted to the best FPS I've played in years.

  • Also bought a PS3 this year and the one title I've been interested in for a while now is the first I picked up. And I was not disappointed. I'm not being disingenuous when I say the upcoming sequel is the only game I have pre-ordered right now (Collectors addition baby!).

    Great platforming fun, great change of pace that doesn't include gunning down aliens or cutting up the undead. Aced and 100% every level.

  • Halo: Reach is what caused my friend to buy a 360 this year, and it's been a recurring habit every night to put in a couple hours of multiplayer. As of now we're both Brigadiers and quite the formidable team, winning most of our matches even with his girlfriend who ranges from -2 to -10 K/D ratio every game. Great ending to a great series, I just need to finish up the campaign on Legendary to finish my S-Rank for this title.

  • Goes without saying this title is not for the feint of heart. Played the original flash game a year or so ago and it's nice to see everything that made that game good emphasized and made better. Tons of unlockable characters? Done. Crazy cutscene references to video game lore of old? Done. Replay function so I can see my Meat Boy army meet their untimely demise with only one persevering to the end and claim the prize? Done.

    It's like watching the miracle of life happening on scale of the sperm cell at the end of every level.

  • So I was discussing earlier with a friend that if Blizzard released a new game tomorrow for 60.00 USD, I would buy it, sight unseen. I guess it's not the safest practice but I have that much faith in Blizzard as a developer. They release great game after great game, but this isn't news. It's no surprise then Starcraft II is a great addition, nay I say, a necessary addition to any computer library capable of running it. The campaign is very well made, my only complaint being the lackluster ending which one could kind of expect seeing as this is the first part of a bigger series.

    Hopefully when other titles die out, I'll have more time for some Starcraft II.

  • One of three titles that wasn't released this year but damn have I played the hell out of it. Nevermind that Steam says I've logged 25 hours in on it since it went on sale this Christmas, I've restarted the game three times because of missing side quest content. I will not stop until Geralt bangs every chick The Witcher has to offer!!!

  • I must admit that I only rented Heavy Rain, however, after playing through the game and getting the best ending (and from what I gather the only acceptable ending), I have a new respect for a game so story focused. Though I felt there were some flaws in the story one had to overlook, never has a game questioned my actions so much as this one. I don't want to give to much away as to the choices I had to make, but if you truly put yourself in the shoes of the character, you will come across some morally grey areas that will challenge your own decision making skills.

  • It's no secret amongst friends that I'm a classic Metroidvania fan from way back. I mean, Shadow Complex was probably within top 3 games I played last year and for good reason. And though this doesn't have the classic 2-D scrolling nature of those games, I feel this is a great descendant of such titles.

    An upgradeable character, using your skills to unlock extra areas in previous levels and a challenge system that gives you reason to go back and play said levels again. Sure the game had a little hack and slash to it, but if Castlevania wasn't the prototypic hack and slash, what was?

    The re-imagining of the story was excellent, and the ending left as many questions as it did answers. I was thoroughly impressed and look forward to where this series may go. (Here's hoping we play a REAL Belmont next game).

  • Only played this game in 30 minute bursts, not because I was quickly bored with the puzzle, monster, puzzle, monster gameplay, but because the game scared the hell outta me. I can't count the times I was legitimately crouching behind a barrel at the end of a hallway frightened out of my mind because of something was standing in the way of my only way out. Or my aversion to ANY water in the level because of the first creature you encounter.

    Lovecraftian horror has always chilled to the bone, triggering that instinctual fear in the back of your head that only activates whenever you're unsure of what it is you're afraid of. The haunting environment is the real enemy here, and with naught but your torch to defend you. If anyone has any respect for the horror genre, pick this game up.

  • It is sad that I had to include this game on my list, but I truly had no choice. Any game that I've sinked 50 hours into in such a short time span is worthy of note. Sure I'm tired of hell of the franchise and wouldn't buy a sequel anytime soon. But next year when another one rolls out... :3

    It's just a blast going 30:4 calling in chopper gunners and cutting down fools on Nuketown who just don't know anybetter than to stay the fuck inside.

    It's a great game, though completely forgettable. When the next in the series comes out, we'll be referencing that as the next big thing and this will collect dust on my hard drive.