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A Bastion All Your Own 0

In the world of cinema, there are certain films which transcend both genre and era. They are highly regarded amongst many who appreciate the medium, the works that define our culture through expertly crafted storytelling. If Bastion were a film, I would safely mark it down as such.  Don't get me wrong, I had my fair share of doubts going in to Bastion; and for the first half hour I played, I feared the game would grow into a steady fest of smash this, listen to narrator, move forward. Luckil...

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The Art of Sacks-Appeal 2

      This game makes me want to be British.  Unapologetically, I lay down arms and embrace Stephen Fry's sweet, sweet smooth as water voice.  This, is fortunately a good thing, because just like the first game, you'll be hearing A LOT of the guy, especially if you choose to wade your way through Create mode (more on that later).     In Soviet Russia, 3-D watches you!       It seems most people I've talked to about LittleBigPlanet 2 always raise the same question: "Is the game enough to warr...

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