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  • I am not really into fighting games. I'm more of an RTS kind of person although I can play just about anything this is the first fighting game to make me crave battle against the Yoday & Kilik noobs of XBL!!! I've gotten more than into it, it's become a sport.

  • The ability to play your some of your fav songs is more than that, it is a feeling that warms the soul and makes you rock harder than you've ever rocked before.

  • Built on the Oblivion engine and well done to say the least. I love this game and intend on making mods for it when the construction kit is released like I did for Oblivion. Yhank you Bethesda for this game and all your Elder Scrolls releases!

  • There isn't too many fighting games I actually like let alone LOVE and guess what? This is the one I Love! The Characters, the Style of Action and the music all rapped up in Series of Titles that scream Originality!

  • i loved this game enough to play it with every character I unlock, to get all the pets, weapons and still waste time playing it.

  • The first time I got decapitated by a door I was sold that this would be a mind numbing experience. Definitely worth the 5 stars GiantBomb gave it.

  • I always loved the original Fable and now the sequel has stolen my heart, time and paycheck like the previous.

  • i still believe the story in this game is second to none, I simply love it, will continue to and forever remember Cloud's adventures.

  • The first time I was able to get a computer that could run this maxed out I soon realized why this game is used as a benchmark for high-end gaming rigs. This game is very very pretty, and aside from being a totally awesome futuristic refreshingly similar Far-cry feel it has some decent multiplayer.

  • I was definitely happy with this one, more Crysis action and this time more intense. Coming with Crysis Wars I think it was a real deal!

  • A refreshing taste of FF7 goodness. I was excite to explore the new story pieces given to us to explain the events leading up to FF7 and I wasn't disappointed.

  • Thank Garry for making the greatest sandbox game ever.

  • From the moment this came out I've found the repetitive assaults and intelligence captures to be fun and worth every penny. Thank you Valve!

  • The game of a century brought me to the front lines of online multiplayer goodness where i can enjoy hearing little kids yell at me for haxing/cheating.

  • After this i will forever be a fan of this series of games. too bad I'm always Carmine, after all I am expendable.

  • This is one of those games you can go back to because you miss it. I still enjoy firing this game up and cranking the difficulty for some fun.