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Memorable Games

Here lies the games that affected me pocket book in the long run. the games that stuck out most in my gaming career. From start to finish.

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  • One of those game titles that bring back good memories. The games were silly, fun and humorous. Therefore carved in this gamers stone of memorable games.

    (Banjo-Kazooie 1 & 2 FTW)

  • I was already a Zelda fan but this title being on the new console when it came out and being the first time I'd seen the Zelda Universe in 3d it most certainly is a memorable game. Aside from an annoying Fairy, this game brought us thrill and the most catchy soundtrack ever. (Ocarina of time OST FTW)

  • Metal Gear Solid was the first Metal Gear game i played and is one of those few games that have not only have originality but an immersible story. Although it was the original Metal Gear that got my interest on the Playstation I am adding Twin Snaked because although its a remade and expanded version of the original, I can still to this day pick it up, pop it in my Wii and enjoy this game. The graphics aren't that bad for todays standards and the humor in the cut scenes are more than enough to draw me back in.

  • The first game I ever beat and as a little gamer at that. Still too young to really read I somehow managed to beat this game before my parents and it started my gaming career as a Nintendo & Mario games fan.

  • After Super Mario I was introduced to Zelda, my father would draw maps of the dungeons and I used them at 5 to beat this games but and back. I also managed to beat the second overworld before he did.

    This was the beginning of my Zelda game fanhood and soon I would start the second game.

  • This is were I got my gaming back bone really because I had a different perspective of the zelda world this time around and I had to master a battle system I wasn't familiar with. Before long this game was on my beaten list as game #3 and I was still only 3.

  • Before I played the first Final Fantasy I played The Magic of Scheherazade where I was introduced to RPG as it was meant to be. This game had a great feel to it, a quest to stop the bad guy that had me in search for more RPGs after it was over.

  • After The Magic of Scheherazade I found myself as a Red Mage on an airship in a quest to save the world and I loved the direction the game took from start to finish.