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Team Legit Games

These are games we've played together. Catch one of us playing and more usually follow.

List items

  • Now Officially our only fighting game because two of us (including myself) play it and we're getting better as time goes on. In my opinion there isn't another fighting I'd rather play than this.

  • It's not easy to make a single player game one of our games but to get us all to come back to it just from hearing a little twilight music, then all together playing at the same time along the story line in the same spot in SYNC with each other is just amazing. We already love the game for obvious reasons but wow! To get the crew together like a Thanksgiving Feast to play a single player game along side each other (In a Skype call) is a milestone.

  • Although we started playing Rockband since the first title this one having a more online friendly aspect to it makes it a hands down Team Legit game. One here I am either the Bass or Drummer depending on who joins us. ROCKBAND we love you!

  • This would be the first game thats not multiplayer added to this list, because we all enjoyed it at the same time and would talk about it together in a conference Skype call while playing it. day after day since release. when one would find something nice like a weapons cache or a bobble head we'd quickly pass the information along to each other. This, I believe made the experience much more enjoyable.

  • An addictive addition to our favorite games. Anyone up for insane?

  • You'll often find us playing SpaceBuild, nuking each other's planets and crashing our own servers.

  • Each of us have a class we favor and use to benefit the others. Mine for one is the medic so i'm constantly being ordered to heal my fellow members.

  • You know each and everyone of us would team up and kick butt! Each of us having a weapon preference or skill that benefits the others if we play together. Mine for one is I'm usually the driver as can be seen in my killing Under the Influence video on the Team website. Just don't touch Dark's laser or he'll break your neck.

  • Who knew this would be one of our first Team games? This is where our group grew to know each other in the beginning. All founding members can still remember "There's his head!, let's shoot at it with the pistol!"

  • Although we don't play it much anymore, when this game came out we were rockin our VS's and kicken butt.

  • Team Legit has been waiting to return one of its better games and now it finally can. We're back and shooting Baird in the foot.

  • Within 1 week the entire crew's important members were playing this game and soon the Cash corporation was founded. Together we bring in the ISK and destroy all pirates within our systems. Note to all: we may be here a while.