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10 Most anticpated games of 2023

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  • I am a nintendo mark, down to my bones, I could play a new zelda game every few years and always have a good time and i really loved everything about BotW. Im incredibly excited to see what they have to show in a sequel.

  • The Suikoden games are super cool and its been awhile since they died off, this is hopefully a return to cool stuff, also it looks really nice so far

  • Its Pikmin, they arent perfect games, but i love them all the same

  • While I am skepticalas to why we need another Baldur's gate game, I trust larian to make this a great game

  • I have been known to enojy FF games, even when they are bad, and I feel like this might be exactly what i need right now, so we'll see how i fair in 6 months. Also they named him Clive

  • A remake from the trend of remakes that i have so far enjoyed of a game that is one of my favorite games ever, high bar to reach, it wont, but I'll try to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good

  • Have you seen the game?

  • Loved the first game, tho while I am excited for this, I did also forget for a long time that it existed.

  • I have never been much of an Armoured core person but i love Elden Ring and the Dev so, what could go wrong. Also, dunno if this will release in 2023 so...

  • I really like playing bioshock 1 & 2, I less like the politics of kevin levine, we'll see, if it releases in 2023, which is dubious at best