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My 10 most anticipated game of 2020

These are my 10 most anticipated games of 2020, baring games like BOTW 2 that i want to come out next year but probably wont.

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  • I have been excited for this game since it was first announced and have been annoyed with the constant lack of it coming out, i really enjoy most suckerpunch games so i have high expectations for it

  • I came across this game a while ago and forgot about, which resulted in me spending far to long trying to find it. From the one trailer i saw it has a cool style and looks like it has potential, i wanna see what happens to it. I also hope it actually comes out in 2020

  • i dunno, it looks cool all round

  • seems like it might be exactly my jam

  • its more doom, what isn't there to like.

  • the witcher 3 is an amazing game and im very excited for this game, but im also worried due to past problems the company has faced.

  • i love BOTW and ive heard this is supposed to be that but greek inspired, so im very interested in it

  • i love the persona series and P5 was a pretty good game. This basically means i need to play this game.

  • i never played resident evil 2, but i really like the remake of it. I also never played RE3 so i hope i can play this and have as great a time as i did with re2 remake

  • i need to know.