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My 2019 GOTY list

These are my favorite 10 (+1 because i forgot to add it originally, and i refuse to remove BL3) games i played this year plus a few special mentions.

List items

  • Every year there seems to one game that hits me in a special way, and this years its Outer Wilds. I love most everything about it, the music is excellent, i love how the music hits during the impactful moments. I enjoyed learning about what happened to the nomai and discovering the the mystery. The writing is fun and i felt like i knew the people involved and the ending was very special, its a game that i love very much despite any small quibbles i might have with it.

  • Control is my new favorite remedy game. It certainly starts slow on a gameplay front but once it give the player enough powers it becomes extremely fun to play, despite having a few very annoying boss battles. The story is excellent too, i liked learning about what was going on and who was responsible, they do a great job of building a sense a place from the first seconds of the game and the characters are some of my favorite this year. the only big negative about this game is that the ending is rather abrupt

  • Sayonara is a fairly simple game all things told, but everything it does is excellent. The story is simple but very relatable, who hasnt had their heart broken and in so doing felt like the world was ending. It probably has the best soundtrack of this year and during the climactic stages of the game the music really made me feel what was going on.

  • RE2 remake is an exceedingly well made remake of OG re2, i dont really replay games, but i found myself trying to get max rank on all the difficulties and trying to speed run the game. the story is basically the same but with the revamped tyrant brings some interesting gameplay moments, unfortunately once you figure him out, hes very easy to avoid which is a bummer.

  • I dont really care much for competitive shooter anymore, not since Modern Warfare anyway. but playing this game with 2 friends is exceedingly fun and has become something of a stable for me to play a few game a night when i can.

  • I really enjoyed Ai, it tells a very compelling mystery, and has some great, memorable characters. it certainly has some problems that, while they are explained eventually, come off as annoying in large part. but i was hooked throughout my entire time spent with the game. my primary problems with AI is a problem i share with a lot of Kotaro Uchikoshi which is the "alternate reality" stuff he does, as well as the actual somnium puzzles, that while they start of as fine, eventually become tedious and i did not enjoy most of them.

  • I used to love pokemon, but i found myself falling of it over the last few releases, but pokemon sword is a well made game, it seems to take things back a bit in general, but the swap to switch has reinvigorated my love for the franchise, i enjoyed most of the new additions they added to this game to, i love the soundtrack and the new gym battles especially.

  • Void Bastards is an excellent FPS rouge-like/lite idunno which it is, but either way, its just fun. i enjoyed exploring the derelict and just looting them for all they where worth. the weapons are very fun and just a little but different that i never got bored with them. the enemies could have used a tad more different types, but overall it was satisfying and worth my time, i'm excited for whatever they make next.

  • I've loved kingdoms since i played the first game when i was a small child and while KH3 is certainly not perfect, it does a decent job of finishing off this ark of the story finally. i have various quibbles with a lot of it, from the voice acting to the pace of the story. But t the end of the day i enjoyed it and the ending left me feeling very emotional.

  • I have a lot of problems with Zanki Zero, the ending being a big one, but on the whole i enjoyed playing it. the characters while maybe a little archetypey hold up well and the twists you get helped endear them to me for the most part. The story was interesting and had me wondering where it was going, sadly tho i found the very end of it to be, lets say, poor. the gameplay is fairly simple with a few odd wrinkles thrown in that make it more interesting than it otherwise would be. Overall its a very solid dungeon crawler with some unique mechanics, im glad a played i bought this on a whim.

  • I dont particularly like borderlands 3. The only thing i like about it really is the shooting. I find the jokes bad the story boring the villans incredibly irritating and most other characters somewhat annoying, a lot of the maps are just too big and tedious to traverse too. But, Despite all that, i dont think i've had many more experiences more fun this year than playing Co-op with 3 of my friends in Borderlands 3 this year and sure I could have had the same experience with other games this year, but i didn't, it was borderlands that helped me gain these fun memories. It only makes the list because of those moments and honestly it would be higher if not for all the problems I have with the game.

  • This is my first Special mention this year. I only got around to this game this year because it was free on Epic, but it is easily one of my favorite games i played this year. its incredibly chill, i love developing my slime ranch and going out to catch and combine slimes for greater profit, it also has a touching message throughout that really got to me and i love the credits song too. This game makes me want to become a slime rancher on some faraway star if i could. If a slime rancher 2 came out in 2020 that was more of this but with a bit more added it might easily be my 2020 goty. just let me customize my house à la stardew.

  • My second special mention of this year. Since it is still in early access it is not eligible for my 2019 GOTY list, but i had a ton of fun with this this year and i expect it to shine on my 2020 list(provided it is released in 2020).

  • My third special mention. as its not out it isnt on my list and im only a few hours into it, but so far i love it. it has everything i've come to expect from supergiant, and its all exceptional. If it continues in this fashion and releases in 2020 its gonna be on my list for sure.