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Molyneux's talks the talk but skips the walk 1

Be you're own hero, craft you're own story, hide your disappointment. Peter Molyneux is going to wake up tarred and feathered one of these days. The creator of Populus, Black and White and of course, Fable, has a reputation of promising great features but failing to deliver. So when Fable II was announced to the world, some were wary to jump on the band-wagon. They had been burned by Fable I and Black and White II, so could they really trust Molyneux this time?In terms of what Fable II is, ...

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Worlds collide but ultimately leave you unfullfilled 0

MK vs DCU is an absolute tease. The game proves that Mortal Kombat is back and far from over, yet instead of giving us a true MK game, we are treated to a mash-up.Want to see Liu Kang bite Superman in half? Hah, you wish. While the DC heroic brutalities are entertaining, they aren't as savage as they could be and the game seems held back by it's teen rating.Creator Ed Boon had to dumb the game down to please the DC suits, so gone are the ultra-vicious fatalities. While the dissapointment that th...

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