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  • River City Ransom was the most fun I ever had on a NES. Admittedly I haven't played that many NES games, but the multiplayer beat-em-up fun in RCR was to me a revelation, and something which to be honest, has rarely been challenged by later-generation coop beat-em-ups thus far.

  • Fantastic, fantastic game. It has everything you'd want - a story with great comedy, a huge load of places, characters, weapons... an epic story, great combat system, insanely difficult puzzles...

    And the most important feature: A fully-fledged casino, complete with requisite waitresses in bunny uniforms!

  • Grand Theft Auto IV was an incredible experience. The amount of polish and thought that went into the design and the storytelling was astounding, and although ultimately it didn't all tie together into a 100% always perfect experience, it was often surprising, always fun, and ultimately lends itself to quiet reflection.

  • A true work of art. A shining beacon of light in the relative darkness of the gaming world. Looking back on Bioshock and playing it through a second time, there are so many links between characters, settings, occurrences, there are so many memorable characters, so many memorable diaries... If ever in doubt of this games excellence, take another listen to "The Wild Bunny", a poem by my dear friend, Mr. Sander Cohen.

  • You know a game is amazing when it instantly makes you question something that you were previously sure about. When I finished Portal, I knew that my previous assumption of "the longer a game, the better", was fundamentally flawed.

    Ultimately it's the intelligence of Portal that you are left with. The intelligence of the design, the ingenuity of the use of such simple elements for such powerful results. And all while managing to end on the absolute, perfect note.