MLB 2K11

Okay being as the game is already out and there is like no reviews for it, i might as well throw out a Review/First impressions of the game to the big sea called GiantBomb. 
First off I would like to say that the graphics in this game are very polished compared to last years. It went from "ehh" too "Oh my god, I can actually see the fabric details on the jerseys." They even did some of the finer details as well, the numbers and letters look different and accurate. The whole pitching broadcast angle which differs from every stadium is a nice addition. The 5-o'clock shadow looks like a 5-o'clock shadow. Plus the caps actually fit on the players head instead mysteriously hovering like its some sort of halo. The frame rate is stable except for a few hick-ups. The animation is mostly smooth, and the whole problem with players hovering around the field isn't as apparent as it was in last years game.  
Then there is the fielding. Holy crap did 2K really do a good job on fielding. It was like playing MVP Baseball 2005 again, i was that impressed. Like what other previews say, the player's rating finally hold some value (or lack there of) to their fielding. When a ball is being fielded there is a meter that floats above their head (a-la MVP 2005) And you got 3 zone you can hit. Grey which is gives you the most accurate throw but there is a lack of omph when thrown. Green where its the perfect combination of power and accuracy. And then there is the unforgiving Red where the ball is thrown so hard that it goes into the stand almost automatically. Well thats an exaggeration it mostly pulls the player off the bag, but you get my point. Moving on, the rating effects on how large of a green and red zone you have when you field the ball. Have a player like Shin-soo Choo or Ichiro, you will have pretty much the whole meter green with a little tip of red. and even if you hit that red, you'll probably send the player off the bag at worst. If you have a player like starlin castro.... thats a different story and you better pray to the baseball gods that it stays in play.  
Fielding fly balls is a different story as well. As soon as the ball is hit you will get this great big blob of white covering where the ball is going to land. The blob slowly becomes transparent revealing  the true landing point. Again the player's rating take into effect once again on how fast the landing point appears. Have a player like oh I dunno Soriano it takes longer for the spot to reveal then like again a Shin-Soo choo where its instant.  
One aspect of the diamond that surprised me was how much better the pitching has gotten. In this year they finally introduced the variable strike zone and boy it has made a difference. No longer could i rely on my 12-6 curve ball on the outside corner on a 3-2 count to catch him looking. Most likely the batter would be walked in this years game. Also they have fixed the pitcher's stamina this year as well.  Last years game I would be pitching into the 8th innning, completely dominating my hitters as they cowered before me. Yet I still had to bring him to the showers because he was tired, but his pitch count would be in the low 70s high 60s. This year, i had to send Matt Garza to the showers in the 8th after pitching 90. I'm guessing the variable strike zone had to do with my pitch count but it brings a lot more realism to the game then in years past. Other then that, the analog controls are awesome, nothing satisfies me more then sending a pitch when that max icon shows up.  
The batting is pretty much the same thing as last year too but with a bit more flare to it. its your standard up on the thumb stick for a regular hit. Back and up for a power. left and right for defensive. Now you can actually tell when you have a bad match up with a certain pitcher but thats all the new stuff i could find with it so far. Other than that, there is pretty much nothing else to say. The fielding is a magnificent upgrade, as well as the pitching. The framerate doesnt chug like the old games and is overall a smooth afare. I havent gotten to the online yet so i can say for the lag issues. The My Player mode got some upgrades like better graphics, smoother animations, and they readjusted the point values for situations done in your game. Like if you get an out as a pitcher you only get 5 points i believe.  
The only issues i have so far is the lack of detail that 2K put into this game. For example if you look at NBA 2K11, you are able to customize what shoes you wear, what color they are etc. There is nothing like that in MLB. I can't choose what bat I would like to use (Mizuno). I cant choose what glove I would like to use (Mizuno). I cant choose what cleats I would like to use(Nike). And even in the jerseys, this year the Cubs and several other teams don shoulder patches of their dead greats. I would like to see it on these jerseys this year. Oh well maybe next year. (A phrase I'm certainly familiar with ever since I was born ESPECIALLY in the year 2003) Other then my little rant, MLB 2K11 is a game that beats its previous game hands down. It may even be able to take on MLB The Show on a level playing field now. But if you own a PS3, still get the show cause the Road to the show is still has more meat on it then my player and alot more prettier. But for 360 people, your baseball game has finally arrived. Wii people... Hope and PRAY that MLB Power Pros makes a come back. (I know I will be getting a Wii if it does)