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2009 GOTY

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  • Easily my GOTY. No other game in recent memory have I clocked a good 60 hours into, and still feel that I've barely scratched the surface. Within the first 5 hours, I already knew I needed to replay it. Top this near infinite replay value with an epic story, classic yet refreshing gameplay, and a cast of colorful characters, and you get 2009's best game.

  • Truly this year's "Bioshock". Perfect graphics, gameplay, sound, atmosphere, story............everything. It's just the ending which left a sour taste in my mouth. At the end of the day though, its not about the end, its about the journey there. Batman Arkham Asylum was an amazing journey which only leaves me more excited for the sequel.

  • The adventure game has been gone...........for a while, strangely though 2009 saw a resurface of this classic genre. Tales of Monkey Island forgets about the past decade or so and is fearlessly....just another Monkey Island, albeit with 3d visuals. Although lacking innovation, the quirky dialog propels this series into true greatness, along with witty, never frustrating puzzles, and an epic/hilarious story.

  • AAA in nearly every aspect. Although not perfect, Uncharted 2 is a very polished, a very clean, and a very FUN ride until the credits are done rolling.

  • Assassin's Creed was a flawed gem. Even though it had its shortcomings, it also had moments that showed true greatness. Assassins Creed 2 is a much more refined gem, and I'm happy to say its nearly perfect. Gone are the repetive missions, heartless characters, and boring world map. Everything that was wrong about the original has been fixed, and nearly for everything fixed, there are new mechanics which help make this world even more immersive. And what about that ending eh?

  • The plastic instrument genre has been a little formulaic over the past few years. The Beatles gave it the fresh air it needed, making these types of games fun again, while not necessarily reinventing the genre.

  • Pretty spectacular campaign mode, bogged down by its short length. Would've been higher, but personally, multiplayer shooters don't really appeal to me.

  • It's a Sims game. Not much has changed from the core formula, but is that really a bad thing?

  • I know, this was a 2008 game, but I didn't really have the time for it until 2009. There's honestly not too much to be said, since this is the game that shaped the giantbomb community, but thats not a bad thing. No other game has ever hooked me the way Persona 4 did, and I'm sure nothing will give me the same feelings again. Only reason this is number 10 and not number 1 is because it was a 2008 game.