Favorite Fighting Game Characters

Very generic I know, but I wanted to show off my eclectic tastes.

List items

  • Really? She's a Samurai, with a cool scar, and only has one arm. what more is there to say?

    Okay, okay, unlike most of the list, there was NEVER a question with Baiken. I have played her since I have played Guilty Gear, and I will most likely ALWAYS play her. Character and voice-wise she's SO good, though I really dislike her voice in Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus and gameplay wise she is really underrated. I actually scored 2nd place in a GG tourney with her.

    Update: I consider her an eternally lovable character, hence no matter how old her game is, it won't affect my admiration. However the reason release of Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus on XBLA sure helps...

  • It took so long, but I finally found a character for all of Street Fighter after SFIII: Third Strike came out. I will literally always want Makoto in all future Street Fighter games and will play every game she is featured in, if I can. Too bad she's just so freakin hard to use...but that's part of the charm.

  • Look, I love VF5 but it took me 10+ years to actually find a VF character I like. But it's still surprising that as a big a Rey Mysterio Jr. mark that I am that I clicked with Eileen instead of El Blaze. I know, I know, opposite logic as the #2 pick, but bleh.

    Update: Final Showdown is AWSOME. Bump up for Eileen...

  • Hey, I played her in MvC2. That's gotta say something. Wish her TvC version was in MvC3, might have actually kept the game...

  • I never really gravitated to Elizabeth in her home game Persona 3, but for some reason she is my main in Persona 4 Arena.

  • Ironically, I started playing him in MKII and always wanted a more reptillian look. After seeing MK9 picks of him......I pre-ordered the game from Amazon and play with his classic suit. However, in MK9 he couldn't play any better if they tried. PERFECT blend of old school MKII feeling with some MK9 sensibility.

  • Though I like Makoto the most, Elena is by far my best character in Street Fighter....that includes BOTH games, SF3 and SF4.

  • Really like her in most KOF though they kinda nerfed her in Cap vs SNK. Also, don't like her "home" series, which is why she's so low.

    Update: Unlike Kensou, King feels more like a "stable character" so KOF 13's low performance on my lists doesn't affect her as much.

  • Really Digging Skullgirls, and Ms. Nadia Fortune is slowly climbing up the charts.

  • Another character I choose first and never let go. I just wish he would finally get his serious story line. Seems like they were headed that way with KOF XI.....but then the reboot stick happened. Ah well.

    Update: KOF 13 just never caught me, even after I pre-ordered and bought it. It has made Kensou's rank drop...

  • I really need to give Arcana Heart 3 more time since I enjoyed the time I played of the first one on PS2. Kamui was the first and only character I used in the PS2 version and will probably be the only one I use in 3.

  • PLEASE!!!! Bring back Darkstalkers!!

  • Gren Kuts. No character page since no one has played this really, really good game. I will start it here now!!! This game NEEDS to be released as a PS3 downloadable import!!!!

  • Jin. Trust me when I say this. You NEED to get this game. Plus a Genesis/Mega Drive to play it. Plus a 6 button pad to play it RIGHT. Plus perhaps a device that lets you play import games if needed.

  • I've only really liked Samurai Showdown 2...but the collection introduced me to 6 which was okay. I think she's a combo of King and Seigfried.

  • Yeah, he's pretty low. As much as I like Blazblue, none of the characters call out to me. I choose Carl from my usual fighting game criteria: Find out who is the least used char in the game and try to prove people wrong. Still hasn't clicked though and it doesn't help that each new iteration of Blazblue has has left me less and less enthused about the series...

  • I like the webhead. Not a fan enough of MvC games to get good with him. I was okay at him when Marvel Super Heroes was out.

  • With all the fast characters, for some reason I loved swinging around the big sword......Please don't analyze that statement.

  • Only reason she is so low: not a big fan of Tekken.