Franchises Needing Reboots and Stupid Ways to Do Them

Franchises get old. Other times, they get forgotten. But even then, they're never forgotten- at least, not by those who played and loved them before the developers shelved them for whatever reason. This is just a list of a few floundering or dead franchises and a bunch of crazy ideas about how to make them not dead or floundering. Or, at the very least, so ridiculous that you can't ignore it. 
THESE WILL BE LONG WINDED. And sorry for using so many "make it like _____". It's just the best way to get it across and stops people from going "oh so it's basically _____". Also, please keep in mind that a lot of games could use some great reboots, but this is only a list of ones that need to go some way that's only describable as "what" to "insane". That way, it keeps me from saying "hey. Mega Man needs a reboot. Make it like Mega Man but prettier".

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