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This game ROCKS. ...ROCKS. 0

I didn't pay an ounce of attention to Rock of Ages as it started to slowly release trailers. This wasn't just my fault- it's a fairly small game, and few outlets had time to talk about it with some of the bigger franchises coming out with great sequels for the coming months. Even now that it's out, there's scarcely a dozen reviews for it, but most of them agree on one simple fact: this is a great, unique game that deserves more attention than it will ever get.  Its uniqueness makes it a bit diff...

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The Weakest in the Series 6

I'm a man who loves his Phoenix Wright games. Once upon a time, I was stranded in an airport for 24 hours with only Phoenix Wright with me and, with the help of that wonderful game, I survived and became a great fan of the series. It never even bothered me that 3 in the series were really just half-assed ports of GBA games with almost nothing to make them new for DS. Though not every case is a home-run, it usually comes together in a thoroughly enjoyable package with smart stories and twists, an...

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