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Okay, everything is back on track. 0

Hey, get this. There are 8 robots and Mega Dude is gonna get 'em! Right!? Good stuff all around with that. The major issues is we've seen this rodeo many times already. Is X actually gonna give it to us, or have we tread the same path too often? Zero is playable. Just don't die. Changes to the mechanics of the game do not show up until parts of the X armor start to be acquired, since we always throw the armor in the trash after the defeat of Sigma. A change out of the gate though, is that you c...

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Maybe... Maybe Jeff Gerstmann was right 7

Mega Man X2 is a follow up to the mold breaking Mega Man X1. We are again tasked as being X and again sent out to destroy 8 robot masters Mavericks. It is 6 months after the defeat of sigma and X is still working on saving the world. Oh, and Zero is dead.The game has a great mechanical change with X being able to dash by default now as canonically, X will have the dash boots from X1. I found that the dash actually felt better mapped to the R1 button on a PS4 controller than the default location,...

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