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The Pokemon Trading Card Game is the unknown gem of the widely be 1

In the late 1990's, Pokemon took the world by storm with its lovable 'animals'. Everyone wanted in on the craze and big business responded with various games, collectible toys, a television series – and yes, even collectible cards. However, even the biggest names in the world produce gems that are simply passed over by the masses. For the Pokemon series, that gem is the Pokemon Trading Card Game.This gem begins by recognizing that everyone knows Pokemon, but will have little to no idea on how to...

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Hockey at its Best 0

Despite an ever constant downfall from Electronic Arts that has caused many of its once glorified games to become bargain bin disasters, NHL 2008 manages to continue the tradition of success established by its predecessors. To be blunt, NHL 2008 in nearly every aspect of the game has been unaffected by the Electronic Arts curse.The level of quality in this game is clear from the onset of its introduction movie. This movie features many different clips filmed at multiple angles and speeds. Graphi...

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A Nintendo DS Gem 0

The game selection available for the Nintendo DS is full of games that are highly addictive, spanning from life simulation games such as Animal Crossing: Wild World to strategy games like Advance Wars: Dual Strike. The DS is loaded with plenty of games that you turn on to play for a few minutes and end up playing for a few hours. Clubhouse Games successfully continues that long standing tradition of providing tons of gameplay hours for anyone who plays it. Clubhouse Games is a quick way to play...

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Long Live the Fantasy that is Final Fantasy X 0

The previous releases in the long running Final Fantasy Series were successful, but the series was brought to an all new level with the worldwide success of Final Fantasy VII. Since then, few games that have been released in the series have been able to live up to the standards set forth by number seven. Final Fantasy X may not be the greatest game ever created, but it proudly and rightfully wears the tag of a Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy has built it’s legacy not just on the gameplay, but...

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Football Flourishes in a Different Perspective 0

If, you thought franchise mode of the Madden NFL series was in-depth, you have a lot to learn. NFL Head Coach lets you control almost everything within your football organization. This includes who your draft, who you sign (both players and coaches) and what your team does on and off the field. That is not all, as you can control your own career as an NFL Head Coach. You decide who you work for, what your philosophy is and how you motivate your players during practices and games. The Story: You...

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