10 emotionally stressful "game over" events.

I started playing Castlevainia: Portrait of Ruin a few weeks ago and can't get over how hardcore the game over screen is.  Since misery loves company, here are 9 more game overs in videogame history that have damaged my psychosis... 

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  • Drowning is a fairly common fear. Combine that with my personal fear of sea creatures, and I'm already on edge pretty much this entire game. Then Ecco goes ahead and lets out the most terrifying death squeal in all videogames. It's huddle in a corner time.

  • The Angry Nintendo Nerd said it best. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1raUvGNbZFg#t=8m10s

  • This game over screen looks like like the most badass death metal album cover ever. It isn't just "you're dead" - "you're fucked"

  • It's either your A.I. bot teammates dance on your body as you get ravaged, your vs mode combatants dance on your body as you get ravaged, or your idiot teammates are too stoned to help you as you get ravaged. Getting ravaged is no fun.

  • Speaking of ravaged, I don't even want to know what those grey people do after they start caressing your body and the screen fades to black.

  • See I would be happy when Ashley bites it, but Leon just drops to his knees and sighs "oh no..." even whole Dr Chainsaw bears down on him. Leon's instant submission to certain death is a depressing psyche twist.

  • You just played 12 minutes of brain-melting insanity and here comes an absolutely new pat- opps you messed it up. Game over. Back to the start, motherfucker.

  • It constantly struck me as odd that there was a life bar in this game, which lacks a strict courtroom setting. Before getting a game over, I simply assumed that Edgeworth was so stubborn that he would fall into a spiral of depression if he loses an argument. Turns out it's a lot more abstractly distressing than that. The truth will be lost forever! For some reason, that gives me an existential "void of nothingness" feeling in my heart.

  • This falls more into the "rage" category than "fear". Seriously. Eff that dog.

  • Your constantly disapproving father is moved to rage by the disappointing size of this thing! "Roll harder, son; you'll never amount to anything! I don't care if you wanted to be a doctor, you're going to roll!"