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Favorite Characters

Here is a list of my favorite game characters (in no particular order).

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  • By the end of his journey, he is broken. His role in Spec Ops: The Line's grittier and more realistic version (relatively) of war was refreshing and terrifying.

  • She is one of the most honorable and admirable characters in any story from any storytelling medium.

  • He's a bike delivery guy who runs around and shoots lightning at gangs. What else do you need?

  • He only says one thing and it is so good. "AGRO!" But his whole goal of saving Mono by putting himself in almost impossible danger is heartfelt.

  • Well... he just kicks ass.

  • A strong female character who wields one bigass sword(s). Too bad her game was so short.

  • What more can you say about him that hasn't been said?

  • Stereotypical witty Indiana Jonesish personality. Except the difference is that if he says something you don't like, have him "accidentally" miss a ledge.

  • She was just such a complex and mysterious character. Awesome.

  • He has such a depressing backstory about his childhood. Plus his psychic "powers" blew my fricking mind the first time I fought against him.

  • Any woman who kicks ass with a lightsaber and has a slightly British accent (I think) is automatically awesome.

  • She was just so real. She wasn't gratuitously sexy (cough, cough Ivy) but you could connect to her.

  • I can't let the Wanderer (or Wander, both are correct) be lonely as a silent protagonist. Plus Gordon Freeman has a fricking crowbar...kickass.

  • He has a really interesting backstory and you can always sympathize with him.

  • Crono is the third silent protagonist on this list. One reason I really like Crono is that he was designed by Akira Toriyama, so he looks like he is from Dragon Ball Z (which is awesome). That plus how he is received by other characters and what happens to him during the story packed an emotional punch (at least for me).

  • She'll kick your ass by running!

  • lol

  • Lee was just an awesome character. Badass, yet caring and a hero. I admit to crying at the end of episode five. Dave Fennoy did an incredible job.

  • Never have I wanted to protect a character more than Clementine. She's not your average kid and is fricking adorable. I am waiting in suspense to see her future.