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Games I've Beaten

This is almost more of a checklist for myself to see how I'm doing. (Descriptions are a work in progress.)

List items

  • A game that I personally thought had a cool story, artstyle, and gameplay. Didn't take too long to finish and it's a bummer the trilogy probably won't be finished, but this was much better than it was given credit for.

  • A fun, free, and flowy (damn my love of alliteration) game that only took about half an hour to finish. It wasn't great but it was fun enough to play with friends.

  • This was a fantastic game from Ensemble back in the day. My enjoyment of this was probably augmented by my love of mythology at the time.

  • More of the first game but you get to fight Zeus' dad!

  • An extremely funny and early 360 game. Amazing cutscenes and fun arcade style snowboarding gameplay made this definitely a game worth getting.

  • The beginning to a new story ark in the Ace Attorney series. It is hard to get attached to new characters after getting to know and love the characters from the first three games so much, but I am excited to see where this ark goes especially after what happened in the final case.

  • This is one of the funniest games ever. Sure the graphics (especially during cutscenes) were atrocious, but the dialogue and characters just said the most random and funny stuff. The weapons were also really cool. Land shark gun? Sharks come up and eat people . . . from underground?! Yeah, anyway it can get challenging at some points but still doesn't take a long time to finish.

  • I'm a fan of The Beatles so it was a no-brainer to get this game. Without a doubt it is awesome playing as the Fab Four however not all of their biggest songs are on there. They'll be coming later in DLC, but I still kinda wish there were more than just the 45 or so songs on the disc.

  • Bioshock is a crazy artistic and story-driven game. It is just creepy enough for me and has one of the greatest moments in video game history when it came to the twist. The upgradable guns and plasmids looked and sounded cool as well.

  • Oh Burnout . . . when I heard you were moving to an open world game how angry I was. I loved the set-piece crash events from Burnout 3: Takedown. Burnout Revenge really did not do a whole lot for me, but then comes Burnout Paradise. Simply entertaining . . . I don't know how else to describe it.

  • This was arguably the best launch game from the 360 initial batch of games. The scripted events were epic, the gameplay was fast, furious, and fun and the story was great. This was also my first multiplayer game that I really got into. Thanks Call of Duty 2 for the good times.

  • Wasn't looking forward to COD: MW very much after three even after knowing it was coming to the modern day. However the combination of a surprisingly great story and addictive multiplayer kept drawing me back in.

  • An extremely fun party game that is addictive with friends . . . especially when you steal weapons and pets that aren't yours. Fun combat and a good story for what it is completes the package.

  • I had actually never played the original version but I did pick up the DS version. This is one of the greatest RPGs ever. The story and characters were great. Go Frog!

  • This was a hidden gem on XBLA. However it is really hard to describe this game. It is a platformer with some comedic elements thrown in. I really liked it.

  • Crackdown is a very fun game especially if you play it cooperatively. GTA with cel-shaded graphics and upgradable super powers? Yes please especially since I really dislike GTA gameplay.

  • I originally was not going to get this game until I heard a couple of my friends gushing over it. I'm not a big horror movie or survival horror game fan, but for some reason I bought it anyway. Yes it did freak me the hell out a couple of times but it was surprisingly fun. It didn't have a great story but you can't have everything.

  • Oh Budokai 2 . . . how I love all of the signature moves for each character but how crappy your story mode was. Really a board game? Ugh . . . thank goodness for Budokai 3.

  • Ah Budokai 3 . . . how I love everything about you. The story mode stayed entertaining multiple times through, and there were tons of characters and a ton of unlockables. Ryan Davis recommends Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3.

  • The Tenkaichi series is not as good as its early Budokai bretheren. It took the fighting system from a classic 2D fighter to a 3D one with mixed results. This game touted itself as having the most characters ever in a DBZ game. Unfortunately those counted all of the different transformations for each character as well. Add onto that repetitive gameplay and dozens of cookie cutter characters and you get me not being interested in the sequels.

  • Burst Limit is a very pretty game, but its bare bones story mode and lack of characters makes it become stale pretty quickly. Unfortunately I do not recommend this game.

  • Elite Beat Agents is my favorite rhythm game of all-time. The quirkiness of the songs along with the engaging stories that accompany each song are awesome. You can change anything by DANCING!

  • Oblivion is probably in my top ten games of all-time. The huge world with the improved combat and a pretty good story equals hundreds of potential hours of gameplay. And back then this was a very pretty game. I could literally just walk around the entire game world for hours and never become bored. This deserved every Game of the Year Award it received.

  • Shivering Isles was the major expansion to Oblivion and it was pretty fun. The story for the expansion wasn't as good, and I didn't like the look of the world of the Shivering Isles as much but it was still a solid expansion and more Oblivion which was perfectly fine with me.

  • I have to say that I didn't like Fallout 3 nearly as much as I thought I would. Don't get me wrong it was probably the best RPG of 2008. However it just didn't have the same larger than life feeling for me that Oblivion did. Plus as much as I disliked the Ayelied (or whatever the generic ruins/ dungeons were called in Oblivion) I hated the metro stations so much more.

  • Ah man I played this game a long time ago. I remember that I had fun with it despite it getting pretty crappy reviews. I guess its saying something that I don't remember much of it.

  • I mainly only rented and beat this for the easy achievements. The game was pretty fun though (except for the random appearance of the Burger King).

  • I loved Final Fantasy X. Great characters along with a fantastic story and (somewhat) classic turn-based gameplay, which I love, made this an amazing package from start to finish except for the infamous Tidus and Yuna laughing scene. People who have played this game know exactly what extremely painful moment I am talking about.

  • This is such a relaxing game. thatgamecompany makes the best of use of the SIXAXIS to date with it being the primary control method of flower that works extremely well. The PSN has been home to a lot of different types of games that I really enjoy.

  • I remember the hype for this game. All of my friends were freaking out about it and so was I to an extent. The story was okay and the gameplay was great. Too bad I didn't like the gameplay nearly as well in multiplayer. It just felt too slow to me and I didn't find it very fun.

  • Looking back at Gears 2, I know it is a better game but it just didn't have the same punch as the first one did. That of course comes with this being a sequel but even still, I just didn't like the second one as much.

  • Chains of Olympus was exactly what you would expect from a God of War game on the PSP. The graphics were fantastic, the gameplay was solid as ever, and the story was engrossing. I guess you could say I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  • This game is probably in my top three RPGs of all-time. I sank so many hours into this game it was ridiculous. The attacks and spells were flashy, the story was very enjoyable, and the characters are probably some of my favorite of all-time.

  • The Lost Age is more Golden Sun which is awesome. There are some returning characters while many of them are new. The battle system was still just as good. Some of the characters were just as interesting as those in the original game while some were definitely lacking.

  • GRAW was crazy back in the day. I remember that it had really good graphics and that I was pretty terrible at it. Eventually I became better at the game and beat it, but I really remember it for the multiplayer which was great.

  • Never being a big PC gamer I ended up playing this for the first time on PS1. Played this cooperatively with a friend and it was fun. Gordon Freeman is awesome and so is everything he does.

  • I had started Half-Life 2 on Xbox 1 then started over when I got The Orange Box. Longer, better, and more fun in every way than its predecessor, Half-Life 2 is one of the greatest games of the last 10 years. Gravity gun.

  • I don't remember a whole lot of Episode One. The things I do remember are that it was short, entertaining and awesome-er gravity gun.

  • Episode 2 was sad. The ending pissed me off. Everything else though was great. The level design and pacing were much better than the first two games in the Half-Life 2 saga.

  • Oh Halo . . . Halo: CE is one of my favorite games of all-time. From the story to the gameplay to the characters; all of it was awesome. I know a ton of people hate on Halo but I really enjoyed it. It's also a helluva game for the final Xbox version being made in eight months.

  • I enjoyed Halo 2 as well. I think I was one of the few who actually enjoyed the story flipping between the Master Chief and The Arbiter. The Covenant story gave so much more insight into the overarching story of the Halo-verse. Plus Halo 2 introduced multiplayer which was awesome.

  • Halo 3 . . . this is my least favorite out of the three. A lot of people said that Bungie had the single-player as an afterthought in Halo 2 but I didn't feel that way. However I did feel that way about Halo 3. It's the one campaign that I don't really enjoy going back and playing through over and over. The multiplayer is still the multiplayer but eh . . . I'd much rather have a fantastic single-player campaign and a mediocre multiplayer than vice-versa.

  • Halo Wars has been the saving grace of the Halo franchise in the current generation of consoles. Playing through the campaign (still cooperatively keeping the Halo tradition) yelling at stuff for not staying alive as long as it should or playing multiplayer it was great. The story was enjoyable with fantastic cutscenes and the simplistic controls worked very well and made the game fun to play.

  • I love everything about Heavenly Sword . . . except its length. That's a testament to how great the game was. The story was great with fantastic performances. Gameplay was fun and fluid (God of War esque) and switching between stances was interesting and added a sliver of a tactical nature to the gameplay. Great game, way too short.

  • inFAMOUS is an interesting game. It kind of took the free-roam superhero gameplay of Crackdown but with more of a focused story. Sucker Punch's focus on a single type of super power was a great choice. Were a lot of the powers you get over the game normal guns except in electricity form? Well yeah but the upgrades made them much cooler. The story wasn't great until toward the last one or two cutscenes but the gameplay made up for most of it.

  • This was the first 360 game I bought at launch (followed the next day by COD2) and I loved it. Kameo has a Banjo-Kazooie type of aesthetic and it really worked. Changing between each creature with their special powers was a blast. Oh and also putting co-op in a game will automatically make me more interested in your game. Being a launch game and including co-op endeared me from the start (although I can't remember off the top of my head if co-op really was included from the beginning . . . I think there was some patch or something, oh well can't remember).

  • I never actually beat Killzone 1 although I played a hell of a lot of multiplayer from it. While I found the campaign in the sequel about as satisfying as what I played in the first game, the multiplayer was addictive as ever. I love anything class based.

  • This was just a fun and ridiculous party game for the first Xbox. All of it took place like it was supposed to be a ninja movie and it worked. Multiplayer was exceptionally entertaining especially while pulling off the characters ultimate (can't remember the exact name) moves.

  • This was a culmination of two things I loved when I was a little kid, Star Wars and Legos. The gameplay was simplistic but satisfying and playing as the different characters was fun. Storywise the game was fantastic just by watching all of the emotions of the Legos during the cutscenes.

  • See above but slightly less entertaining.

  • Play. Create. Share. is the mantra of LittleBigPlanet and boy does it deliver. I've had mindless hours just hitting quick play, getting into a random level created by a user and going. There wasn't much story to the single player but that was never the big focus of the game in the first place.

  • Mario Kart DS was the first game I played on Nintendo's Wi-Fi service. Admittedly while I did not play a whole lot of online, the single-player was more than enough to keep me hooked. One of the top three Nintendo DS games of all-time.

  • As the Halo series goes on, I have liked it less. While ODST was somewhat of an upgrade campaign-wise, it was nothing spectacular. Firefight was fun and better than Horde mode from Gears 2 but I probably played that game pretty hardcore for a week and a half and haven't touched it since.