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This is happening for me as well in full screen Win10/Chrome on HTML 5.

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I'm not sure if it's a problem on my end or not, but the progress bar overlay menu won't auto-hide when on Progressive and HTML5 modes. When on YouTube mode it does. Also on actual YouTube it will auto-hide.

This is on Win10/Chrome

The same thing started happening to me.

I am also having this problem. It started for me yesterday.

I'm on Win7/Chrome

Me too, This new player they been using isnt all that great.

Win10/chrome and firefox both the same.

I am also having this problem too with the overlay/progress bar not disappearing in fullscreen. Mouse cursor doesn't go away anymore either.

Happening on Win10 Chrome/Firefox.

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I really enjoyed the series. Episodes weren't tediously long and Vinny and Dan have great chemistry together. They're real fun to watch. If they continue TITR, then it has to be another Contra game.

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It's been so long but the earliest (and foggy) memory was some version of Tetris on my cousin's friend's Commodore 64. The most vivid & earliest memory I could think of though would be SMB3 on the NES.

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@rotnac: Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that I'm looking for something that utilizes a 3.5mm jack instead of USB. I'm one of those weirdos that bought a soundcard and it's one that doesn't handshake with USB inputs. Any equivalents from Sentey that comes with a 3.5mm line? Tried checking their site out and for some reason it's not displaying their products.

sorry, not sure if they have any products that aren't USB.

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I'm sure it plays fine and gameplay-wise it seems different enough that you can't call it a Nidhogg 1.5. I just really dislike the art direction, that it seems to really deviate from it's clean simplicity of the first game.

It seems like they made this drastically different visual change for the sake of change. I'm not a fan of this goofy aesthetic and although it's a work in progress, after watching it being played on UPF, it does seem noticeably slower than the first game.

One thing, which I may be in the minority for, is that I think the music is an improvement.

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A few months ago, I got the Sentey Arches GS-4730 on a discounted price. They've been pretty awesome for what I paid and even at full price it's something I'd recommend if you're on a budget. They sound great, the mic is pretty awesome quality, and they're extremely comfortable to wear. I've been able to wear them for extended periods without any overheating or soreness.

If you don't dig the vibrating/feedback feature, which can take some getting used to, there's a button to turn that off; honestly, though I think the vibration adds a lot. The tip of the mic also lights up as an easy indicator if it's on or off. It's not as distracting as you would think. It also connects via USB, so if you're short on USB ports, that's a thing to be aware of.

Not sure how they compare to what you had but if you like bass, this will deliver on that.

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Finally! This was definitely worth the wait. Thanks to the duders doing all the hard work on this!

Haven't had any hiccups so far on Chrome since the beta version.

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For me it would be the first Dark Souls. I never "got it" until later on after understanding what kind of game it really is. It made me appreciate watching Vinny and Patrick playthrough it a lot more.

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I like the idea they were going for with the logo and it also having a V in it, but I'm not a fan of the entire execution of it all. Also it looks more like a Spartan or Magneto mask than it does a knight's mask. Again, I get why they went with what they revealed. I'm not a big fan of it but I like it a lot better than the new Panthers logo (which just looks like an edit of the new Penn State logo that came out before it), or the current Kings logo, or previous expansion team logos like the Preds.

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Just need to say that Alexei Emelin is a garbage person. Charges and crosschecks a player into the boards with less than a second left in the game so he doesn't have to do the time, then fistbumps a teammate afterwards for what he did. Fucked up.