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Jesus Christ man fuck battlenet. Was going to try out the new improved diablo 3, but what a fucking mess this system is, oh well b...

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Style. 1

written march 11, 2008I had never played a Devil May Cry game until yesterday when I finished the latest itiration. After doing so i feel quite regretful I havent had a taste of this franchise before, as for the most part it is awesome.Going into this I expected some girly stereotypical japanese characters, with some of the typically strange transition in dialogue and humour, which always grates on me. Well thankfully all of those conceptions were smashed, I guess I forgot that Capcom make this ...

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Love or Hate? 1

written feb 25, 2008.It seems to be one of those love or hate games. I personally thought i would hate it after reading the reviews, and it turned out to be one of my recent favourite games. I think a part of the problem was the hype surrounding it until release, the fact that some people will outright hate that your playing in a simulator instead of real life (its not a spoiler if its the first thing in the game you learn), and the opinion that the gameplay is repetitive. But something only b...

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