“Good morning children, this is three dog, radio 3 wastelands and we’re here for you."

Now what has that nasty fat cat been up to. Sharpening her claws i bet. Yes these words greet me every 10 minutes on the air waves of capital 3 waste lands.

In short this is a gaming blog, if you haven’t realized this is a refrence to Fallout 3. I started this blog as a homage to the noobtoob Modcasts, “What you guys been playinz”.

So what have I been playing? Well considering this is my first post I will get rid of my backlog from about a month.

Fallout 3, Bethesda, PS3

Bethseda’s masterpiece Fallout 3 takes place in post apocolyptic D.C. 

I’m finding it hard to love Fallout 3. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it but I’m not playing it right. I’m playing it too much like a JRPG, trying to get everything the first time I do it. Also I find that I’m trying to do all the things people tell me. At the moment I’m going from Rivet City to Arefu. I’m also trying to be as evil as possible. I killed everyone in Megaton before blowing it up. Then when I go to kill all the people in Tenpenny I start gaining karma. Also, why are so many people in Rivet City unkillable? I want to make the halls flow with blood and I can’t do that if the doctor and the weapons dealers don’t die. I also find that I’m forcing myself to play. Mabey if I give myself a weekend and I finsih all my characters.

One little thing. WTF is up with exclusive downloadable content?. I want 10 more levels. I want to become nuclear. I want new companions. Bethesda hear my plea, put some DLC on the PS3.

“Thanks for listening childeren, this is three dog. and now, some music.”


Why Age of Mythology is the best game ever

three reasons why Age of Mythology is the best game ever

1. It's the perfect "retro RTS", you can actually build a base, with towers, and walls.

2.You can progress to the heroic age through the drunken revelry of Dionususs, granting you a Hydra at you’re temple and a scylia at you’re docks

3. you can see all the mythology behind each unit, much cooler than it sounds


SSX on Tour

SSX on Tour, PS2, EA sports BIG

SSX on Tour Is the 4th SSX game in the same vein as SSX tricky. If you haven’t played an SSX game it’s a snowboarding game, not dissimilar to tony hawks.

Well I’m a huge fan of the Tony Hawks games until 4, and I loved SSX 3. Personally I haven’t played this game for round about a year so it took a while to wipe the rust off. This is a great game but compared to SSX 3 it has some flaws. For starters they removed the free roaming aspect and DJ Atomica. One of the interesting changes was the switch from the cast of characters who you select in SSX 3 to a personalised character, the biggest advantage is the ability to customise your character to the nth degree, but it removes the great one-liners that the characters used to say.

Anyway back onto the game. The game play is really solid and the ambiance is great. The graphics and the art style are great and still keep up today. Each zone has a funny name and its own specific feel, from “hot dam” with its gigantic well dams, to “on the rocks” with its thick woods and frozen river to “compilation” which is like a skate park with snow.  Unlike some games (FFXII) compared to PS3 graphics the graphics don’t look blocky, mainly because of the very smooth and cartoony art style. The music is amazing; it has bloc party so it automatically wins.

As for multiplayer, it’s not bad. It’s only 2 player and you can only do mission that you have cleared on the mountain. There is a weird and wonderful cast of characters like psymon the psycho Canadian punk, Conrad a 2-d hand drawn Viking and many, many more.  My main complaint with the multiplayer is that it doesn’t really give you the ability to explore. You have a link with your partner and due to hardware constraints if you go in different directions the game will randomly warp out one of the players, which is a bit annoying but nesacery.

SSX on tour is still a great game all these years on so if you see it cheap defiantly pick it up.

Thumbs up if: you like snowboarding or skate boarding games or if you like arcadey extreme sports game e.g. Tony Hawks 4 and earlier

Rent it if: your curious but these days it’s probably cheaper to buy it.


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I’ve just ended my week long game-a-thon, sacrificing my social life, awwww who am I kidding. Just an Update I will be doing a full thing on all the games I played in that week:

·   Age of Mythology (awesome still 8 years on)

·   Little big planet (great if you’ve got enough time to make levels)

·   MGS4 Demo (10 minutes of confusion)

·   Infamous Demo (1 hour of awesome)

·   SSX on tour (still great)

·   Saints Row ( some nice DLC, still fun to blow up stuff)

·   Deadspace ( Turrets ruin the game)

·   Final Fantasy XII (Grinding up my B team and finishing off stuff before the final boss)

Also as a side note, road to 500, please listen to the noobtoob modcast

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Steam, valve and uncharted

Finaly up to my “what i’ve been playing” segment

This week i’ve played

HALF LIFE 2 episode 1


UNCHARTED drakes fortune

also i’ll talk a bit about steam.

HALF LIFE2e1; PC, PS3, 360

Created by VALVe Half life 2e1 takes place after half life2 but i’m sure you all knew that. I have notplayed the first half life but i have watched all of it and i haven’t played half life 2 yet and I plan to when I pick up the orange box.

Anyway egnough about that. now i’m not very far into it, at least i don’t think i am, but i am enjoying it. one of my little anoyance is that you have to make sure you constantly have to save and reload. apart from that i have no qualms with the game, the loading times are long but thats also partly due to the fact that i’m playing on a laptop.


Created by VALVe TF2 looks amazing, the cartoony art style looks realy good. acording to steam i’ve played 3 hours but my in game class times indicate that iv’e only played about two leading me to my major problem.

Now don’t get me wrong i do love TF2 especialy the engineir, but the loading time for servers is atroucious, maybey it’s because i’m throteled but steam has encountered several erors whilst im playing. servers boot me and it anoys me. several times i have been unable to join matches or even launch tf2 because of mysterious erors plauging my computer. Now atm i’m putting it down to my throttleage but i will be anoyed if these problems continue.

Now that that’s out of the way i can say. TF2 two thumbs up. great artstyle, great gameplay, well balanced ect. and it has a free weekend on atm


Naughty dog is one of 5 PS3 exclusive game designers that people actualy care about. and Uncharted is naughty dogs new child, and well they’ve done it again. it looks stunning, and my tv isn’t even HD, yet…

The game feels smooth and plays well, but not well right after Resident evil 4. trust me. There’s alot of replay which is exactly what i pan to do. i haven’t had the game for long but i’m up to the second last chapter so i recon i’m qualified to talk about it.

I probably will replay it, at least just to try and get some more trophies. I am borowing it off my friend, in return he got fallout 3 (see post 1), which i’m mr than happy to trade for this, superior (at least in my mind) game. whilst i am a sucker for a platformer I do have some small grivences. The path not being obvious, because there’s no real subtle way of putting it in. The hint being useless, usualy they just show you the direction you need to head or tell you what to d at the section just before the bit yoyu died at 10 times. The close combat being jenky. there is no reaseon (apart from tropies and mabey to conserve amo) to not shoot all you’re enimeis.

Uncharted has recived alot of flak for the combat system but i realy don’t mind it at all. I give it a thumbs up rent it, if you like it definetly buy it. If you have a PS3 you must play this game.

Thats all for this week, catch my next post next sunday


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Capcom's 4's

 Resident evil 4 
Street fighter 4 

The last post in my backlog of gaming, i’m going to talk about resident evil and street fighter 4. 
in the resident evil 4 section spoilers will be containened so consider this warning. If for some reason and your the other person on this planet that hasn't played Res4  and you plan on doing so stop reading this now and go rent or buy it


Capcom’s resident evil 4 has been toed one of the best games on the PS2/Gamecube, and i would have to agree. It is an amazing game, and realy not that scary. The only bit that actualy scared me would of had to of been oven man. you’re walking down this abondoned coridor and BAM right when you least expect it a flaming freak runs out of an oven and hugs you. A touching gesture but hardly warranted in the surounding circumstances. 
They do hit you over the head with the “mysterious European country” a bit at the start and the controls are a battle to get control of, but once you get used to a bunch of russians speacking spanish and you can do a headshot on a formed blade plagas you’re good to go. 
I urge anyone who apriciates single player gaming and has a PS2, Gamecube or a WII to pick it up. If you have a PC only avoid it like the plagas. aanywho even if you don’t want to buy it at least rent it, but the replay value ( especialy in the PS2 and WII versions) makes it well worth a buy. Two giugantes thumbs up 


One of the very few games I have ever picked up nearish launch brings everything it promised. As a dhalsim play (stretchy indian dude for non street fighter players) I was disapointed when I didn’t beat aracade mode first time with him on easy. That disapointment soon turned to rage when pitted against the final boss SETH!!! It’s hard to describe how frustrating seth can be. for a lump of coding and animation you would almost think he had malicious intent. This leads to the games downfalls. 
my only major grievience with the local play is the fact that to beat seth you have to turn arcade on to it’s easyest settings. even then you’re not garunteed to beat him, he’s just to hard. Kudos to anyone who can beat him in the arcades but i just find him imposible to beat on anything but “nooby” mode. 
I have heard alot of negative reports about the online match making, but as i never play online in fighters, this dosn’t realy concern me. 
A spare control is a nescesatity for playing this game because the real fun begins when you do some local matches. just getting a bunch of mates together and round robining is an imense amount of fun. 
I give this game two thumbs up 

next i talk about Half life two, Team fortress two and Uncharted.    


Peggle and popcap

 the following is an excerpt from my original blog at


 Ok, i realised i haven’t posted for a while so this is how its going down. Every Sunday I will post a “what i’ve been playing” for the week. But first i’ve got some back-log.

Peggle, pc, ipod ect.

Peggle developed by popcap is one of thoes infectious casual games. traditionaly i only waste a few minutes on a casual game before I get bored, (With exception to a good tower defence). yet after “a quick round” of Peggle and two hours later i find my self, eye’s unfocused, one finger in my mouth, slightly drooling and wondering where two hours of my life went. A word of warning play Peggle with a friend. not only is it more fun but they can resusitate you when you colaspe from brain numb. Even though Peggle requires O.OOOOOOO2% skill to be good the game makes you feel like you intentionly caused a random series of events. all in all peggle is a good game, if you could call it a game, it’s more of a highly enjoyable life sapper.

Bejeweled, pc, ipod ect.

 Bejeweled developed by popcap is one of thoes infectious casual games. traditionaly i only waste a few minutes on a casual game before I get bored, (With exception to a good tower defence). Popcap seems to have a sliding scale of infectosicity. at one end you’ve got their old games like zuma and chuzzle. then at the other you’ve got plants vs zombies, although bejeweled is at the lower end of the scale it is redicously good fun. It also takes some skill, i guess.

Plants v.s Zombies PC, iPhone?

PVZ developed by popcap is one of thoes infectious tower defence games.

it is adictive and requires a large amont of skill.

Popcap+tower defence+skill nesacery= crack

therfore PVZ=crack

a very good game and one of the few popcap games which I nearly bought. Yet there’s no way I could let popcap con me in to give them money. again…

Thats all for this hour tune in soon for Resident evil 4 and my love of Capcom



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