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An A Capella and the power of a beautiful ending *spoilers*

 So I was just casually browsing Youtube, as I'm incredibly prone to do when I'm procrastinating, and I just stumbled across this:


It's only been a couple weeks or so since I beat Portal 2 but let me tell you: the game is still with me. One of the most absolutely incredible things about Valves games is how after finishing the game there are so many little revelations that are continually being discovered that the story is far from being fully developed for any single player. On that note, for me personally at least, I felt the ending with the turret opera, "Casa Mia", was amazing. The funniest part was that I actually had this part spoiled for me during the ARG madness in the days leading up to Portal 2's release but fortunately the ending had no context and literally no meaning at the time; in fact, it only served to fuel my already unbridled curiosity in regards to the story. So after finishing the game, seeing the ending and then finding out that the song was more than likely a mother's goodbye to her daughter, I can safely say that Portal 2 has potentially one of the greatest self contained stories (no sequel required) that I've ever encountered.  
Not to mention the fact that it almost made me cry.
So how about you guys? How did you feel about the ending? Did the turret opera bring you to tears? And if so, was it before or after you found out that the song was from Caroline to Chell? Think I'm just a giant pussy for essentially calling a game beautiful? Chime in below!

PSPgo Bigotry: Really guy, REALLY?

I have a guilty admission to make: this is my very first blog post. No not my first blog post on GiantBomb. It's my first blog post, EVER. With that out of the way I figured a little insight into the stupidity of brick and mortar game store management would be in order. After all, what could possibly make a more entertaining first blog post?
I work at a Play'N'Trade and let me tell you: the owner HATES the PSPgo. Seriously, it gets to the point where I can just picture him heil fiving with some of his other facist friends, that's how uptight he gets over it. Just today he tried to get a kid who came in to buy a PSN card to return his PSPgo to another retailer he bought it from and THEN come back and buy a PSP3000 bundle from us. What. A. Douche. So this is where this rant stems from. 
Now obviously this hatred spewed by most retailers (see Austrailian retailer reactions) is due to the fact that the PSPgo cannot accept traditional media from brick and mortar stores. As any smart business student knows, where other businesses see the potential for loss, you should see the potential for opportunity. Afterall, it's what Apple did with their iTunes platform. While brick and mortar music and movie stores (ie. HMV) were too busy shitting a brick over music and movie piracym Apple came in and took the market by storm and as a result now owns the most successful digital music delivery platform out there. Hell, they even tied naturally related products like the iPod to it and basically drowned themselves in sales of digital music players and music. So of course I try to explain this to him, but being adamant in his ignorance towards digital delivery platforms he claimed that no one (including the consumer) wants the PSPgo and that it just outright "sucks". At this point I realized that I was only getting paid $9/hour anyways, so I gave up and allowed the owner to continue throwing rocks from his glass house.
So enough of my rambling, anyone here work at a games store that has owners/managers that are anti-PSPgo bigots? Or maybe you have encountered some PSPgo hate elsewhere? Any and all comments go below folks and feel free to toss some criticism (albeit constructive) regarding the post, it's writing etc. Be gentle's my first time.